5 thoughts on “Friends in Beijing, what specialties in Beijing, can be given as gifts to give people a gift”

  1. 1. Beijing preserved fruit
    Beijing preserved fruit, Beijing specialty products, adopts the traditional court recipe of court, is made of fresh fruit processing, the taste is sweet and sweet, refreshing and smooth, sweet but not greasy, rich fruit, mainly apricot, pear, pear Thousands of products and hundreds of specifications such as preserved and bellies, all kinds of products, are identified as green food by the Ministry of Agriculture.
    2, Jingbai Pear
    Jingbai Pear, specialty products of Mentougou District, Beijing, China National Geographic Mark Product. Jingbai Pear, also known as Beijing Baili, is native to Beijing. It is one of the best quality varieties in Qiuzi Pear system. It is the only local characteristic of Beijing fruit products with the word "Beijing". On March 13, 2012, the former General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine approved the protection of geographical logo products for "Jingbai Pear".
    3, Changping strawberry
    Changping strawberry, Beijing Changping District Specialty, China National Geographic Mark Product. Changping District is located in the internationally recognized strawberry best production belt, with excellent production conditions and outstanding product quality. It is exported to Hong Kong, Singapore and other places.
    Changping strawberry is positive and full, the fruit surface is shiny, the contraction is evenly distributed, the flesh texture is delicate, the taste is pure, the flavor is strong, the fruit is high, and the storage is resistant.
    4, Changxindian dates
    Changxin shop white dates, also known as Changxindian crisp dates, special products of Fengtai District, Beijing, agricultural product geographical logo products. It is produced in Changxindian, Zhujia Tomb, and Zhangjia Tomb in Fengtai District, Beijing, and is mainly planted in courtyard. Its fruit shape is positive, the color is bright red, the skin is thin and thick, the nuclear juice is large, the crispy and sweet, which is a good product.
    5, Pinggu Da Tao
    Daotao, Pinggu, Beijing Pinggu District Specialty, China National Geographic Mark Product. Pinggu Da Tao is produced in Pinggu District, Beijing, known as "China Taoxiang". The main cultivation varieties include Dajiu Bao, Qingfeng (Beijing No. 26), No. 14, Jingyan (Beijing 24), Lao 24, Yan Hong (Greening No. 9), etc.

  2. Beijing specialty products are not only Beijing roast ducks, and gifts are necessary to give gifts, so it is really delicious!

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  3. Beijing Special Products
    Beijing Yali, Jingbai Pear, White Chicken, Roasted Ducks, Oil Chicken, Preserved Fruit, Beijing Qiu Pear Cream, Poria Cake, Beijing Crispy Sauce Plasma, Jingtai Lan, Jingtai Lan, Beijing Jade, Inner Painted Pot, Beijing Wine, Beijing Baifenglong, Ansong Niuhuang Wan, Tiger Bone Wine, Beijing Embroidery, Peach Blossom, Lamb, Beijing Sauerkraut, Da Mo Pan persimmons, Miyun Golden Silk Jujube , Shaofengshan Rose, Mentougou Big walnuts.

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