5 thoughts on “If you want to bring some special products from Beijing, what recommendations are there?”

  1. When it comes to the famous Beijing, the Beijing roast duck is indispensable. The century -old craftsmanship is inherited, the meat is fat but not greasy, and it is famous for the country. "Donkey Rolling" is also an ancient famous food in Beijing. There are also Tianfu sauce elbow created by the famous chef Liu De Shan in the Qing Dynasty, which is also famous. In the presence of the generations of Jingbei generations, there are countless specialty names. The packaging vacuum box type is not inconvenient to bring. I wish the family happy, a happy Spring Festival, the thought of things, and the dream of dreams.

  2. The old Beijing people love to drink jasmine tea. It is said that it is because of the overall water quality of Beijing's hard astringent and salty. When you come to Beijing, in addition to drinking a bowl of large bowls of tea in the teahouse, don't forget to bring the old people to the elderly to go back to share. It is recommended that Wu Yutai Old Beijing Tea Barrel Gift (2 barrels, interior flower tea, 98 yuan). The bucket is painted with old Beijing style paintings, and 400 grams of tea with 100 yuan/500g.

  3. Don't buy cooked food, bring cigarettes in Zhongnanhai. Changping's apples, peaches in Pinggu, persimmons of Fangshan, pear in Mentougou, Shunyi watermelon, Huairou's chestnut!

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