1 thought on “Why does the analysis ring change after wearing it for a long time?”

  1. The following is the “” related information provided by OL Jewelry Network for your reference. I hope to solve the “” related issues for you. OL Jewelry Network is China’s first female jewelry, diamond, diamond ring, wedding ring, wedding diamond ring, diamond ring. It is half cheaper than traditional jewelry shops. No matter how expensive. The color has changed the color for a long time, but in the past, it was shining and today, but today it was dim. Do you know the reason for the ring of the ring? The following notifys why your ring is discolored. If your ring is discolored, the best way is to get the jewelry shop to carefully clean and repair. Then the reason for tracing the ring of the ring is related to the material of the ring and the personal habit and the cultivation. Why does the ring change color after wearing it for a long time? First of all, the material is difficult to change the color of the platinum ring, while the K -gold jewelry synthesized by a variety of materials and some gold jewelry will show fading or discoloration due to long wearing time. 18K Platinum turns yellow is normal. 18K platinum is corrosive due to scraping and chemicals, chemicals, sweats, perfumes, etc., which causes damage to the layer plated in the appearance. Turn yellow. Of course, it is not eliminated to become yellow. Regarding K gold jewelry, if you change color, you can get the merchant to stop repair, and pay attention to the daily wear to prevent contact with chemical items. On the skin, it will undoubtedly provide opportunities for chemicals containing chemicals and the golden ring of the golden ring that are most afraid of chemicals to corrode, and the results can be imagined. In some chemicals, it also contains some fine hard particles, which can form another type of dirt, thereby wear the golden ring. Regional environmental elements may also cause the golden ring to lose its bright color. For example: dry areas, the air contains more fine dust, which will constitute a “human sandpaper” after infection. It can wear the golden ring to erode extremely fine debris and present some black stains. It is worth mentioning that the refreshing powder or moisturizing cream also contains similar particles, which will also make the golden rings dwarfing like the above. If the jewelry of Baojin is faded and the color loss phenomenon, it is best to throw or buy it. This type of jewelry is not long because of its low use of its own use.

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