Semi truck reversing how to see the corner of the box

Half hang and see the front box corner reversing skills,Let’s have a detailed understanding with Custom semi trailer manufacturers.

1, semi-trailer reversing, to adjust the front and body, keep the front and trailer straight.

2. When backing up, watch your position and mirrors. Turn the steering wheel clockwise when backing to the left. If reversing to the right, turn the steering wheel counterclockwise. Be careful not to kill the steering wheel, adjust when backing up.

3. If one car can’t get in, drive forward and backup from the current one.

76a62d462f066817a794927dcd6708a94. If the parking space is on the right, turn the steering wheel to the left when backing up, so that you can see the distance to the intersection behind the right. When the right rear wheel of the vehicle enters the parking space, the steering wheel needs to be straightened quickly.

5. At the same time, observe the wheel on the left side of the vehicle. When the rear body is about to straighten, it snaps back onto the wheels. In this way, the front and body can be essentially straightened.

There is also a way to avoid looking at the rear view mirror, in line with the requirements of objective conditions. Let’s look at the situation where the rearview mirror doesn’t work.

This method involves sticking your head out to see the angle between the rear wheel and the cab. When the front of the car and the left side of the trunk Angle is less than 180 degrees, the focus is to see the left rear wheel trajectory. If the left deviation is fairly serious, the steering wheel will correct the direction to the left, right and right, and the steering wheel will not correct the deviation. It would be excellent if the steering wheel, the driving wheels and the load bearing wheels of the car were in a straight line.

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