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  1. I. Sales concept
    When the counter salesperson faces a potential purchase customer, each salesperson should do the following four points:
    1. Smile with a smile: 2. The instrument is neat: 3. Pay attention to listening to the other party: 4. Recommended product added value:
    5. Find the most fashionable and concerned topic of consumers to draw consumers.
    . The characteristics of understanding the product
    , as a salesperson, the purpose of understanding the basic knowledge of the product is to help customers build confidence in purchasing to promote sales.
    1. To the quality of the product to explain the value of jewelry and jade, the guarantee of the world's first buying and selling bag recycling;
    . The special feature of the product as the advantages of the value of the customer to explain the advantages of the value of customers valuable Essence
    . Understand customers
    1. The main obstacles of customers' purchase: (1) lack of confidence in jewelry in jewelry; (2) lack of confidence in jewelry dealers.
    2. Customer type: People who understand what types of customers are are the basis for business with customers. To understand customers, you can start from these aspects. (1) Careful observation: (2) Talking and listening: 3. The motivation of customers' purchase: 4. Customer purchase process:
    (1) Desire: (2) Collection information: (3) Select the product: ((3) 4) Buying decision -making: (5) Post -purchase evaluation:
    . Sales common words
    as employees of jewelry shops, using standardized and professional sales common words, not only can establish a brand image, can establish customers 'customers' Buy confidence. Therefore, every salesperson is required to use the following common terms.
    1. The greeting of customers when entering the store: "Hello!" "You early!" "Welcome!" "What do you need? (What can I do for you?)" See. "" Please be a little. "" I'm sorry, let you wait for a long time. "" Welcome to come next time, goodbye. "
    . The professional term when displaying the goods:
    (1) Introduce the professional term of jewelry: who can add value to ABC goods and so on.
    (2) Commonly used in sales that are encouraged by customers
    (A) This jade pendant is a natural A goods, which is particularly suitable for this price.
    (b) These are new styles of our store, please see.
    (c) These models are classic wedding dragon and phoenix doubles, you can try it.
    (d) This style is very suitable for you.
    (E) Your taste is really good, this is the most popular style this season. You might as well try.
    (f) The jade sold by the shop is all true jade, and the fake is 20.
    (G) There are hundreds of styles of our store. As long as you choose patiently, there will be one for you.
    (3) Polite the desk
    (A) This is a beautiful gift, I will pack it up.
    (b) This is your invoice, please collect it.
    (c) Accept you ×××× yuan, find you ××× yuan, thank you!
    (4) Polite the customer when the customer leaves
    (A) Unfortunately, this time there is no goods you are satisfied with, welcome to come again next time.
    (b) The new product arrives (after the refers to the circle is changed), we will call you immediately.
    (c) Here is a booklet that introduces jewelry knowledge and jewelry maintenance. In order to prevent you from buying fakes, please go to Gold Jewelry Network.

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