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  1. How to buy gold for the company how to enter the account
    The physical gold should be a commodity goods, and when purchasing, enter the inventory product.
    1. When buying:
    Lending: inventory goods -gold
    loan: bank deposit
    2, sales at the time of sales:
    Business revenue
    3, simultaneous transfer cost:
    borrowing: main business cost
    loan: inventory goods -gold
    4, if it is held in short -term, countdowns into trading financial assets Or for sale of financial assets:
    borrowing: trading financial assets
    loan: other monetary funds -precious metal spot electronic transactions
    Extension information:
    The requirements for accounting treatment of inventory goods are as follows
    1, the actual cost (or entry price) or planning cost (or price) of the undergraduate accounts for the inventory of the undergraduate subjects, including the finished product of the inventory, the purchase of goods, stored in the store in the store The products prepared by the department, the products issued exhibition, and the goods stored outside.
    The replacement products that are processed and manufactured by the processed processing and repaired for foreign units are regarded as the finished product of the enterprise after the completion of the manufacturing and repairs, and it is also calculated through the undergraduate subject.
    The development products of enterprises (real estate development) can change the undergraduate subject to 1405 development product subjects. Agricultural products harvested by enterprises (agricultural) can change the undergraduate subject to 1405 agricultural products subjects.
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Transactional Financial Assets
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Other Monetary Funds
    Reference materials: Baidu Encyclopedia-Main business cost
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  2. When the unit purchase gold jewelry to send customers, it can be included in the hospitality of management expenses.
    and deducted personal income tax, the tax rate is 20%, which is based on the current tax law. For example, gold jewelry is worth 20,000 yuan, so the personal income tax of 4,000 yuan is deducted.
    It the above is for reference only. Thank you!

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