1 thought on “How to buy gold, how to do accounting points”

  1. 1. The accounting processing method of purchasing physical gold and paper gold is different.
    1. Gold
    If it is a banking industry, it is included in 1441 precious metal subjects. If it is a non -bank company, it is included in inventory,
    1). —— Gold
    Loan: Bank deposits
    2). At the time of sale:
    borrowing: bank deposit
    loan: other business income
    borrowing: other business costs
    Loan: inventory product
    2. Paper Gold:
    1). Save margin and other
    borrowing: other currency funds -precious metal spot electronic transactions
    loan: bank deposit
    2 ). The intentions of the visual management are differently divided into short -term holdings and long -term holdings.
    a. If it is short -term, it is included in trading financial assets or available for sale of financial assets,
    borrowing: transactional financial assets

    b. If it is planned to hold it for a long time, the intention will not change in the short term.
    borrowing: long -term investment -other long -term investment
    loans: other currency funds -precious metal electronic transactions

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