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  1. 1. First of all, it is necessary to determine the scale of your economic strength and investment factories. If it is determined at the scale of about 50,000 yuan (cost operation), then I suggest that you set up a limited company (because the company's registered fund is only 30,000, it will be only 30,000, so it will be only 30,000. It can start, and one -person company starts with 100,000, and it is not appropriate for individual households to expand its operation)
    2. Establishment Co., Ltd. allows your family to be a shareholder, plus yourself, so that the two shareholders are convenient for you to operate production and Legal registration, the procedures for this limited company are relatively simple. As long as there are venues, 30,000 registered funds, and two shareholders, the three major registration conditions are met.
    3, the hardest point is that you are "processing processing processing "Enterprises, in accordance with the current state regulations, processing enterprises should approve the pre -approval of the environmental protection department to prevent environmental pollution. Generally, small enterprises are difficult to pass. If you do not produce and operate address in the city, it may not be too difficult.
    4, in the end, if you are small in scale, you will simply apply for a physical household, and the procedures are relatively simple: venue certificate, fund declaration (free declaration), identity certificate, name preview, if it is a food processing plant, then apply for a license to apply for a license. certificate

  2. Before your limited capital status, you should know what kind of risks you should avoid in order to make the final decision
    1. The shortage of funds is destined to be able to make products directly contact with the human body.
    2, the processing company you are engaged in the surrounding labor price should be based on machine processing or large labor processing!
    3, with your relatives and friends, of course, you should choose something with the door!

    The suggestions I give are: 1, decorations (Chinese knots, posters, etc., you can also find out some items for school students); This is better, you can invest in the bottom cost. If the design is slightly creative, there will be a lot of market share); 3 daily necessities, such as washbasins, toothbrushes, dishes, etc.

    Is the production and development of any products, small -cost investment should start from the surrounding environment. After making a decision, the market share of the surrounding competitors is the most important. According to the market share of the competitors, Let's adjust the price, quality, innovation methods and sales channels of your products; think about your long -term thinking, absorb information, and seek confidence and know.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAs the saying goes: non -agricultural instability, no work or wealth, starting factories must be the best choice for entrepreneurship. So, now a person starts to start a business and invests within 100,000 yuan. What small factories can be opened? I recommend some of them here for friends to investigate and investigate the market. 1. The small factory equipment does not need to invest in the small factory equipment, which is mainly the aspect of the mobile funds. At present, plastic woven bags are very good in the market. In 2021, it is a year when plastic weaving factories have developed. Because the demand for industries such as construction, transportation and fertilizers has been greatly improved, it has led to the development of plastic weaving factories. In addition, there are agricultural and sideline product express logistics, and plastic products have played an important role. A person starts a business and opens a plastic editorial factory. At the beginning, you can start from an early age. In the later period, the market channels are cooked. After opening the sales channels, you can gradually increase investment and increase production. This steady development is also infinitely prospects. Therefore, it is recommended to inspect this. 2. The current small project of the waste plastic bottle processing plant is made to make money steadily, and it can be done within 100,000 yuan. At present, various mineral water bottles and beverage bottles in the society can be seen everywhere in our lives, so plastic bottles are quite common wastes in daily life. The reuse value of the waste plastic bottle is extremely high, and the waste plastic bottle is processed into plastic particles with plastic regenerative granulators and plastic crusher. Generally speaking, the recovery price of a ton of waste plastic bottle on the market is about 3,500 yuan, while the price per ton of plastic particles is about 10,000 yuan, and the profit margin is very large. Therefore, this small project is worth investigation.n3. Investment within 100,000 yuan in tape factories. If you start a business, you can consider opening a tape factory. Tape is also called non -dry tape, box tape, transparent tape, etc. With the rapid improvement of socioeconomic and people's living standards, tapes have been fully integrated into the use of various industries and people's daily life. This small factory does not need much investment, but the development prospects are very good, especially in the rapid development of the packaging industry in recent years. Supermarkets and other tape are sold. In addition, the huge field of e -commerce is inseparable from tape. In this regard, the market space is particularly large.nThis small factory is simpler. It is a high starting point for 100,000 yuan, because the general packaging machine in the market is less than 10,000 yuan, and other supporting facilities are simple. The packaging of waste products must be dirty and tired. It needs to be recycled, sorted, cleaned, packaged, etc. It is not easy and cleaner, and it will deal with garbage day and night. However, if a person runs a packing factory, it is basically stable to make money. The chance of losing is small. Now there are not many industries that can earn in the market economy, especially for factories. Therefore, this small factory project is also worth investigating. 4. At present, the stone stele processing plant is currently investing within 100,000, and a stone stele processing plant is opened. As long as the sales channel is opened, there should be no problem earning a million annual earnings. Everyone knows that the tombstone business in the society is very good now. After all, everyone has a death. After death, the tombstone must be needed, and the funeral industry is recognized as one of the most profitable and violent industries. At present, as long as you have raw materials resources, invest in a tombstone carving machine, cheap, small, 30,000, large 50,000 to 70,000, depending on what brand you choose and what kind of tombs you make? The amount of daily carving is 10 ~ 30 yuan, and the income is very considerable. 5. The grain and oil subcontracting factory will be packed into the distribution or large packaging of food and oil products to be sold to small packaging. This small factory is the simplest, but the profit space is OK. Especially in some large and medium -sized cities, small packaging products are more marketing. There are many small factories engaged in such grain and oil subcontracting business. They basically do not lose money, and some make a lot of money. One person runs a subcontracting factory with few investment and the equipment is simple, that is, some balancers and packaging and sealing equipment. These must not invest 100,000 yuan, mainly to prepare mobile funds and open market distribution channels. So, I also recommend it here.n6. The carton processing plant now opens a small carton processing plant. If you invest in 100,000, you can start it. The later flowing funds can be large or small. The business of opening the carton factory is stable and long -lasting, and the prospects are optimistic. In fact, making a carton factory is a good industry that is optimistic in the industry and does not want outside the industry. A customer's order can feed a factory. Several customers can make hundreds of millions of annual output value. Therefore, industry insiders engaged in the carton industry are generally Without changing the career, a small factory, as long as the customers are stabilized, it is easy to make a million annual income, but these ordinary outsiders can't understand it. 7. Rural straw processing plant This is also a factory project that can be operated within 100,000 yuan. In recent years, the state has advocated environmental protection, and straw is prohibited in rural areas. They are all good charcoal and paper raw materials. It mainly uses agricultural waste corn straw for simple processing. The product is used to make full degradable tableware and full degradation packaging bags, livestock and poultry biological straw granules, leather pyrine -separated paper, artificial board, feed, and machining. The required equipment is relatively simple. What is troublesome is that the straw needs to be collected in the ground, and there must be certain storage conditions. These two aspects should be prepared in advance, and the others are very simple. 8. The processing plant of the Nutritional Land Processing Plant is in rural areas. Investment must not be 100,000 yuan, but it is not difficult to open the sales of one million years. With the rapid development of society and economy, every family of urban residents likes to plant flowers and grass, but the soil is more troublesome. Flowers should be kept well, soil is the key. Because of this, people in the city will spend a lot of money to buy the soil. Therefore, the market demand of this nutritional soil is available. There are a lot of natural nutritional soil in the countryside. It is a good village that raises flowers. There are low -cost nutritional soil. With some good services and marketing, you can definitely make a lot of money.nIf this problem helps you, please move your little hand to help light up 5 stars, thank you!n3 morenBleak

  4. There are many good processing projects, but you need to choose the project that suits you in conjunction with your economic strength and geographical location
    The processing too much in OEM in China.
    is very marketing. In recent years Very high!
    Is always mentioned money, you can loan
    1. Your product has a market, sales, don't be afraid of losing money.
    2. You have relatives who are traveling together. In many aspects, he will be in many aspects. Support you

    In small shirt processing plants
    Small food processing plant
    Foreign trade company processing
    Bio fertilizer small processing plants
    Small electronic processing plant
    , but you want to make a fortune again, you want to make your head a fortune, and you can't want to get your head for others to help you get rich.

    OK, so I have, but at least you have to write your specific situation clearly so that we can analyze it with you seriously and responsible.

  5. You can open a small mechanism charcoal processing plant. This investment is small, simple in production, large product market demand, and return rate. It is still a good development prospect.
    Investment analysis of mechanism charcoal factory, you can see

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