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  1. Every school attaches great importance to different directions. I was in Guangzhou. I interviewed Northwestern University, Xiamen University, Guangzhou University, Guangzhou University of Management College, and Lingnan College of Sun Yat -sen University. Northwestern University: 3 teachers, a round of interviews, self -introduction question, basically ask questions around the resume, you can pass
    2, Xiamen University: 2 rounds of interviews, single -sided group surface, single -sided are mainly one side, mainly one sides are mainly on English self-introduction understanding of the industry direction and political awareness; the group is a group of people discussed and summarized according to a topic, and 3-5 teachers will observe around. The main assessment is leadership, communication, expression, logic and other
    3, Guangwai: 2 rounds of faces, a round of English in English:
    3.1 English is given an article. Everyone expresses their views and knows that important inspection of English reading and expression ability The most important thing is to bravely express. If you do n’t understand other group members, you can read it according to the topic
    3.2 Chinese. Many roles have only one opportunity to go out and choose. What impressed me was that our group was measuring value. Finally, the person with the highest survival rate was selected. Later, the principal said that it was a bit disappointed. I was very impressed. When the group discussed, there was a girl logic and poor expression, but she considered the problem of pregnant women. In the end, she had the highest score. n4, Zhongda Guan Academy: 5 Teacher V2 students group noodles
    4.1 5v2: Introduction to English topics teacher questions, the teacher asked very sharply, I remember that the problem I picked up was a recent one that I read recently In this book, the teacher also reached the author
    4.2 group noodles: draw a business case, the group discusses the views and problems in the business case, and finally speaks. What I was impressed by is that many of our groups are actually very good, but the person who spoke later was very actively stood up, but the summary was very bad, and our group had different differences, about the problem of substitutions. After the team's speech, the teacher would ask questions targeted, and the members answered (all will be)
    This interviews are good at this interview, and the others are excellent, so they are very impressed. Therefore, the team members still need to communicate well before playing. The representative speaking that the person scored very low, but it also affected the quality of our entire group
    5, Zhongda-Ridge It does not evaluate English, so many people like this, especially middle -aged people. The interviewers are teachers or some alumni, mainly to ask questions in combination with the industry, companies and the like in the resume. The interviewer is still more professional, and you will ask more about the industry. There is no skill in this, that is, it depends on your comprehensive expression, industry knowledge, and field professionalism.

  2. MBA interviews include instrumentation, language expression ability, logical analysis ability, decision -making ability, self -control ability, interpersonal communication ability, organizational coordination ability, response ability, leadership ability, entrepreneurial spirit, innovation awareness, and professional ethics, etc. Many aspects.
    In general, it is a relatively comprehensive assessment. Through face -to -face communication, it is generally to judge your current management capabilities and whether there is a management potential in the future.
    In an MBA interview, the criteria for judging each school are different, but it can be divided into the following parts:
    The educational background of 30%
    Such as graduating colleges, college grades, etc. It is mainly based on the application materials submitted.
    Cochemical experience of 30%
    The work position, salary, performance, enterprise scale, industry level. It is mainly based on the submitted application information.
    The aspirational ambitions 10%
    The whether you have a clear ambition and a strong sense of responsibility, have clear cognition of your strengths and weaknesses, and some cases involved in management.
    In thinking logic and reaction 20%
    It to consider whether the problem is thorough, whether it can grasp the focus of the question, analyze whether the question is logical, whether the consciousness, and the response are agile, whether there are divergent thinking, innovation in innovation Consciousness, etc.
    The team consciousness and communication 15%
    The inspection can understand whether they can understand others, whether they are good at discovering the strengths of others, whether they are good at cooperation, and whether communication is clear.
    5%of the cultivation style
    If instrument behavior, temperament style, worship cultivation, mental state, etc.
    It 10%
    If it is honest and trustworthy, whether there are special contributions, whether psychological/z governance is correct, etc.

  3. Hanzhang Education ’s International Trade Campus has a good class. The teacher also told us before that the MBA personal interview settings are different in each university, between 15 and 25 minutes. It is a team of interviewers composed of alumni at school or graduated, school professors, corporate executives, and MBA admissions team teachers. Including three links: self -introduction, interactive questioning, and management knowledge.

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