3 thoughts on “What are the advantages of automatic self -automatic car washing?”

  1. The advantages of fully automatic self -service car washing (Xixi) have the following points without contact with car wash machines:
    1, unmanned buffet car wash machine, no partners need to operate
    2, the venue does not need to be on duty.
    3, uninterrupted business.
    4, the user selects the package mode flexible, and the function mode is selected by the car washing users themselves.
    5, it is very safe to have no contact with car washing and not hurt the car paint.

  2. 1. Quick and efficient. It takes 10 minutes to do a car artificially, and it takes more than 20 minutes. It takes a maximum of 5 minutes to wash a car with automatic car washing machine. For car -washing cars with a large amount of car wash, it can greatly increase the work of car washing. efficiency.
    2, safe and reliable. The automatic car washing machine is controlled by the computer according to the design program, which can completely avoid personal and equipment accidents caused by manual operations.
    3, conducive to soliciting customers. Artificial car washing can easily cause the environmental dirt and the image of the owner, and the automatic car washing machine to the car owner a high -end image is conducive to attracting car owners, especially high -end cars, to come to wash the car, and then drive the sales of boutique sales and other projects.

  3. Ten minutes of self -service car washing chain store
    Is as long as there are suitable stores, integrated IoT devices decorated and configured, and intelligent unmanned duty systems, ten days later, you will have an unmanned buffet car wash shop.
    does not need to be bound to the license plate. Both unlicensed new cars and motorcycles are available. It is automatically charged and equipped with a full set of self -help washing equipment.
    The environment that is comparable to refined washing makes the car washing into the enjoyment and fun of the owner.
    In a person to open a shop, no employee, owner self -service, shop owner management is simple.
    The online platform comes with traffic. It only takes half an hour to clean it every day. At other times, it can achieve store management and drainage through mobile phones.
    24 hours, day and night, as long as the car comes, wait at any time.

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