3 thoughts on “Zhou Dafu's diamond ring: 18K platinum, 0.502ct, I-J color, VVS, cutting: good, round diamond shape, 20,000 yuan, how about?”

  1. Your naked diamond price is about 10,000, and the cost of precepts should not exceed 12,000 yuan. In this sense, this profit margin must be too high, but now the brand of the diamond ring industry is generally the same, it has maintained it, and it has maintained it. The higher gross profit margin can maintain the profit and normal development of the brand. As long as it is purchased in a brand store, it is basically this price even exceeds this price. In this sense, your ring is worth it. Now that you buy it, don't want to be cost -effective, operate your love well, your life, at least this ring shows that your other half has a good economic strength from the side. Essence

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