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  1. How to play a single player in the DNF Macross? I believe that the friends must all want to know. The following editor brings you a strategy for the single -time battle, I hope everyone likes it.

    Difficulty and rules:
    1, Lv90 or above can participate, and can only be played once a day, only twice a week, and the number of times every Thursday.
    2. Resetting time
    Enter the number of times: 2 times a week/once a day
    Refresh time:
    3, admission materials: 50 births of buds of birth 10W 10W Gold coin
    . Death punishment: No resurrection/death clearance without rewarding without resurrection in 10 seconds
    5. Ordinary overtime can only be resurrected twice, and ordinary potions can be used, but some characteristics can be used, but some characteristics can be used, but some characteristics can be used, but some characteristics can Pottery cannot be used: Heaven’s HP potion, healing agent, and sacred blessing potion.
    The detailed explanation of the time and space war strategy:
    The first picture and low six pictures of 7 rooms (monsters in each room are randomly selected) are not strange. There are only five pictures.
    The first monster, there will be a charming demon princess, a fusion demon, a fanatic demon and a super -alloy demon
    1. The two monsters in front of the Charm Demon Princess, and the fusion demon can basically be beaten.
    2. If the fanatical devil appears “laser”, 1P runs, and others will output. The third super alloy, as long as you pay attention to the “big knife” and “sky fire” in front of you hit, remember to squat.
    The second monster is the magnetic devil or Changchun Mo Teng
    1. The magnetic demon is relatively simple. After entering the picture, the boss will run to both sides of the screen, and then shoot blue laser and red laser in the middle. , And generate a red and blue shield that can be broken in the middle. Use small skills to quickly break the cover, so that BOSS enters the state of defense. After breaking the energy cover, two energy balls will be left in the position where the BOSS is. After the character touches the body, the body will bring the same color energy ball. Eat red energy balls can only attack the blue boss. BOSS, BOSS will return blood.
    2. The character of Changchun Mo Teng releases a magic vine. The magic vine will have the effect of restraint and attack. There will be a lot of flowers within the range of skills, and the flower will respond to another skill of BOSS, so the smaller the area of ​​the flower spreads as much as possible. BOSS will enter the invincible state. After 2 to 3 seconds of invincible, the flowers in the picture are detonated, and the damage is high. The next step is weak, just fight directly.
    The third monster is the gravitational devil “Xue Ding evil” and the human beta “Berbai”.
    1. The key to the gravitational devil “Xue Ding evil” is to cooperate. Only players who eat ball can lose skills, and the passing is similar to blood types. The ball, the reading strip must be passed to the Lord C, everyone can look at it. If the damage is not enough, the main C will lose the skill and the vice C.
    2. The monster of human betrayer “Berbai” is a bit troublesome, mainly for a second, but a “mad dragon anger” big move will be in seconds, and then the “light gun” flying sky, player player, player, player, player, player Need to jump or use squats to avoid. If you are marked by the red ball, you can run around to hide, because BOSS will stare at you. When the monster uses the “light gun”, it will enter the defense state of landing, and it can be output at this time.
    The fourth monster is the devil of light: Ogri, Dark Demon: Eisen, Gravity Demon: White
    1. The Devil of Light is simple BOSS after 3 times When the attack, when his weapon waves, it can be played for almost a second (to be played in advance), but at this time, remember that the blindness of the blind man has some high HIT skills, otherwise he will kill his teammates. Others are not a big problem under the normal mode. The light and darkness are all flat A. Don’t lose your skills. It is useless. The barracks are limited to 4 rehabilitation coins, and don’t get off if you die.
    Is Dark Demon Raiders: This can also be played with light devils, but the wild group will not fight without knowing where the boss is. Being near the player, at that time, Ping A was fine. BOSS attacking the player in the form of claws, caught by the claws, will be restrained. The simplest play is all separated. In the four corners, who is running next to the red dot and pressing the attack key next to it.
    2. The skills of gravity devil are very harmful and easy to take a second. Players find that they are sucked in, and they are running directly. Dodge) Be sure to hide skills. Gravity devil has a weak time, and BOSS kneels on one knee and quickly output.
    boss Demon Rosh
    1 and four stages repeats, fire-> weak state-> ice-> weak state-> wind-> weak state-> beyond-> weak state, repeat this, repeat this, repeat this, repeat this, repeat this mechanism.
    It, if the player is high, it can basically take away the second or even the first round. The first is the fire, then the weak, and then the ice breeze surpasses, the real body is weak. Remember to jump and walk around, run away on the ice, just run away, the wind is basically running, surpassing the attributes of the Lord C.
    The above is the all content of the dnf between time and space. Players can try and experience in the game, I hope everyone likes it!

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