2 thoughts on “What is the meaning of Lao Fengxiang gold jewelry necklace?”

  1. Hello, the meaning of the golden necklace bow is mainly romantic, beautiful, and light ...
    The bow: "Butterfly" and "Fu" are homophonic, which means that blessing is in front of the eyes and blessing. "Liang Zhu" Hua Die's beautiful butterfly knot has the meaning of witnessing love, romantic and beautiful.
    This symbolizes a beautiful, detached, light creature. Butterfly is the prototype of a bow. Bows are knotted with expressions. With the moral, the picture must be intentional, and the meaning must be auspicious. As a result, the meaning of "making a bow to a bow to give a hope for the future, and give your loved ones a blessing ...
    The well -known writers will quote the bow to the meaning of the bow. Full, you can't compare with the bow. "Biye" Golden Chicken ":" The naive little girl standing behind him, the bow on the braid danced in the morning wind. "
    . The bow usually gives people a symbol of beauty, blessing, romance, and light, so it will also be made of jewelry by merchants. Whether you wear it yourself or given a good woman, it has a very good meaning.

  2. Hello, their design concept has always been a theme of rendering around their brand! Intersection There are phoenix rings, phoenix necklaces, phoenixe rings, etc. The bow that you call is expressed in the homophonic of the last word of their brand's business name. Butterflies represent Jingya, and also represents vitality. Tired spirit! Intersection At the same time, it means auspicious and happy! Intersection Intersection

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