4 thoughts on “Friends' tavern opens, thinking about giving some cost -effective gifts, what should I give?”

  1. It is also necessary to give gifts to a new store for a new store.
    1. Send flower basket. It looks atmospheric, there are high -end, and the price of flower baskets is not very high.
    2. Customize a banner. The opening is the atmosphere. The banner area is large and very conspicuous.
    3. A member card. When a friend opens, you can hold a member card to hold your personal field.

  2. If the tavern is opened, I think it can be given a little practical electrical appliances. The CD machine is good. You can play music in the tavern. If you have a style, you can choose the two versions of the Witch Single Life 2.1. In the tavern, it will not be particularly abrupt for his decoration. The whole point of music can increase the mood of the tavern. The area is not large, and you can place it if you find a place. It can be said to be the first choice

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