4 thoughts on “What are the styles of the golden ring? What gold does the lottery refer to?”

  1. The style of color gold ring refers to the style made of 18K gold ring. Lottery is generally 18K gold, which contains 75 % gold and 25 % alloy. Colorful gold is white, yellow, rose red and so on. Among them, rose red is easy to change color because it contains iron. However, some high -quality gold brands are better, which can achieve the effect of lasting and non -fading.
    The color gold ring style can be said to be very many. Various color gold rings can meet the aesthetics of most consumers. So what are the ring styles that can be created by the lottery material? Let's take a look with Xiaobian!
    : The classic style, the classic style of the color gold ring is a simple and simple golden ring, inlaid with a few small diamonds on the outer surface of the ring, so that the ring is worn on the hand as if the diamond ring is shiny It is more colorful than the diamond ring.
    : The claw style, the six -claw type is the classic style in the ring, the six -claw gold ring is the same as the classic style. Six claws hold the diamond firmly, which can be fixed on the ring custody of the golden ring ring, as if to grasp love firmly. The colorful ring of this style is very atmospheric, showing a meaning of pursuit of noble and elegant.
    : Duobao style, for rich people who like to be unique to the public, so they will ask professional jewelry artists to tailor the exclusive jewelry ring for themselves. Little gemstones, or use a big gem, inlaid small gemstones on both sides of the precepts, and so on. The golden wedding ring is very personal and can well reflect his status and economic strength.
    : Fashion styles, fashion styles are integrated into many fashion elements, such as incorporating Kitty's English letters icons, plus some colorful star stripes, etc. The overall effect is full of the breath of the times. Essence
    The four color gold ring styles of the above are always suitable for you. Everyone may wish to go to the jewelry shop. In addition, many young people like to wear the same style of color gold ring as celebrities. This is also possible. You can go to the jewelry shop to buy, but the price is relatively expensive. In fact, buying a ring is not just to buy what you like, but more importantly, to buy the one that suits you, so it is best to figure out what you want.

  2. The style of the colorful ring is classic style, claw style, multiplied style, etc., and the color gold refers to 18K gold, which is a gold jewelery containing 75%gold and 25%alloy.

  3. There are many styles of color gold ring, including double overlap flowers, heart shape, plain ring geometric style, etc., you can choose according to your own preferences. Lottery, also known as color gold. That is, purple, red, pink, orange, green, blue, brown and black gold (or K gold). It adds 75%gold to melting copper, aluminum, silver, cobalt, cashmere, iron, cadmium, nickel and other metals. The more strange colors, the more expensive the price is, such as black and blue.

  4. There are many styles of color gold rings, and the styles are relatively unique. There are also some inlaid diamonds. In fact, the color prize is K gold, that is, gold and other metals are combined.

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