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  1. You can make a storage box to save small objects between couples. The method is as follows:
    The first step, first find two cartons, one hard and one, as shown in the figure below:
    second second Step, measure the length with a ruler, and then use a pencil to draw the line, as shown in the figure below:
    In steps in the third step, cut it with scissors along the line, and slow down, cut into two rectangular paper, as shown in the figure below, as shown in the figure below Show:
    The fourth step, put it in the box like this, as shown in the figure below:
    The fifth step, and then put the box with many square paper pieces to separate, as shown in the figure below:
    Step 6, use transparent wide tape to slowly paste the grid inside, as shown in the figure below:

  2. 1. Creative Ala Sali Lantern
    This must be attentive to impress girls. The upgraded version of this Allah magic lamp has a unique love pattern. The remote control can be glowing. A gift that surprises girls must be deeply rooted in people's hearts.
    2, the heart -shaped tail felling of the poplar combing
    It girls with hairstyles often move more people. Give gifts to send one Tan carpen from the body, which can massage the head nerves and relieve fatigue fatigue , Promoting blood circulation, this one can also be exclusive, special gifts are given to you, it is very meaningful to give girls.
    3, romantic purple lavender bracelet
    When the pure and transparent crystal encounters a strong and pure silver, a beautiful and romantic lavender bracelet, the chain body is made of 925 sterling silver, plus high -end gift box packaging, the entire bracelet is the entire bracelet. It looks particularly tall.
    4, a wish bottle heart -shaped candy gift box
    This is a wish bottle, a drifting bottle, the candy gift box is warm and romantic, full of thoughts and sweetness, your cute little girl must definite With joy, no one can resist the sweetness of the candy, and it will be moved easily. It is a very creative gift for girls.
    5, the zodiac platinum opening ring
    E each zodiac has its own exclusive meaning, the aura and cute image, and the crystal inlaid of Swarovski, which will make each girl want to stop, it is very highlighting For temperament, the surface is made of platinum, low -key luxury, cute and fashionable

  3. Sometimes, if there is no new gift for girls, not only will not make girls feel moved, but they will feel that you are not attentive to send gifts. So is there any recommendation to give girls creative gifts? The one that makes girls be very moved to receive gifts, and you can also experience your intentions.

    The self -made chocolate

    This Emotional Emperor Xiaobian saw in many videos. Girls in Japan will confess to their loved ones, and they will silently do it silently She has sex with lunch, make delicious desserts and so on. Then you can also give her a self -made chocolate for learning and training for the favorite person. Sweetness is the taste of love, which melts into her heart.

    The art creative mini electric fan

    It is a LED fan that can flash the word, which is very mini -type. This is a small assistant with artistic confession. It is suitable for dly customized. The text on the fan can express the words you want. The affection for the rear shell should not be cold. What rotates gently is your strong affection. When turning on the electric fan, the text can only be shiny. The flash text can express your affection for you. Whether it is a birthday gift or a confession gift, it is wonderful.

    55 degrees temperature control warm cup

    each item often has two sides, just like winter, although small snowflakes are beautiful, but in this season, "frozen people are frozen people. ", Willing to drink a large mouthful of boiling water, it will quickly reduce the temperature, so temporarily gives girls a 55 -degree constant warm warmth cup, which contains the effect of warming, allowing her to drink boiling water anytime, anywhere.

    In explosion box

    Therefore, gift boxes must be packed and packaged, and the number of stools in the explosion box is 1 gift. Gifts. The benefits of the explosion box depends on the unexpected surprise of layer by layer and want your own unique system. Therefore, every accidental surprise is all of your serious embellishment, and it is not easy to occur in the same situation as others anymore. Essence

    The light perfume gift box

    girls like cosmetics, and lipsticks cannot support their happiness at all. Consider their requirements. Therefore, you can prepare this pale perfume gift box for her favorite person. Different flavors are paired and not daily. The different taste gives her a different happiness. It opens the signs of Xintiandi.

    The creative fruit bouquet

    The flower language of lavender is waiting for love. What is the flower of flowers? correct! That is to say, "You are my dish." The artistic creative bouquet can be limited to fresh fruits. No merchant does not understand. As long as you are not expected, vegetables and fruits, fresh fruits, small snacks, Korean fried chicken, etc., use different flowers bouquets to express different feelings , Tell her with tackling: Your beauty is really beautiful!

  4. 1. Very special gifts: For example, Thailand keeps flowers, creative dolls, gold foil flowers, cartoon bouquets, music pillows, etc., which are both fashionable and special. Thailand's white -keeping flowers mean that love is always beautiful. This implies girls will be moved, and the price is not expensive.
    2. Self -made gifts: For example, fold 11 roses with specific paper, tell her that you will love her with all my heart, and she will be moved. You can also write (copied) in paper roses a beautiful text.
    3. Special version of the doll: you can buy a general comparison doll, and then add a little bit of things by yourself, a word or her birthday, so it is not expensive and special. You can also send a live -action cartoon image doll.
    4. Customized jewelry: This kind of gift is particularly attentive. It can engrave her name and birthday on necklaces, bracelets, pendants, rings, etc. This can keep her remember you forever.
    5. Flowers: If there is no woman, you don't like flowers. You can rest assured that you pay attention to the way of sending flowers, then it is better. Moreover, it is easy to make surprises in the form of flower delivery. For example, do not tell her in advance, and send it to her after ordering the flowers online. Of course, other gifts are given after sending flowers.
    6. Customized discoloration water cup. You can print her photos in a cup. When this special water cup is over 45 degrees of hot water, the pattern will be displayed. It is very meaningful, and the water cup represents a lifetime.
    7. Crystal gifts: For example, crystal music box, crystal makeup mirror, women have no resistance to pure crystal.
    8. Very intimate gifts: You can prepare small gifts such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, lipstick, put it in a beautiful box, spread rose petals in the box, and leave another sentence to write a sentence. Warm words of warm words. This gift is very intimate, and it is difficult for women to be moved.

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