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  1. Swarovski pendants
    In girls like things, because these glittering things can attract the attention of others. And girls need these things that can attract others' attention. Swarovski is a world -renowned crystal product brand. From jewelry accessories to home appliances ~ The most famous one is probably a crystal pendant designed by LOGO as a prototype!
    LBR lipstick
    The lipstick is the life of girls! Even girls who do not like makeup will have one or two lipsticks. For those girls who love beauty, lipstick is countless. They will always lack the most suitable lipstick on their dresses. LBR lipstick is very popular recently, benefiting the unique and fashion pioneer of this brand. Since you want to choose a unique lipstick as a gift, LBR lipstick is definitely the best choice this year.
    Puima Dragon Perfume
    Da La of the Independent Perfume! What Dior, Chanel or something is the vulgar? If you send everything from everyone, there is nothing new. And sending ancestral Mauron perfume can also highlight your taste, and let your image in the minds of girls immediately become tall ~ From a person with a large -scale large -name person to a god with an independent aesthetic and niche taste.
    LED table lamp makeup mirror
    This gift is really super practical. For girls who love makeup, this gift is also very intimate. So that she thinks of you every time she makeup, even if she is not together, she will watch the mirror think of you (unless she smashes the mirror). There are a lot of various table lamps on the market, and there are many rooms to choose. Try to buy those exquisite and multifunctional. After all, it is not very expensive.
    sk-II Fairy Water
    It you can not send fairy water now, but you must know that there is such a product in the world. Because you will get it sooner or later! No girl will say no to the fairy water! Even if her skin is not suitable, she will like this gift. Because she can give her mother! Boys' admiration for girls first reflects the appearance, and sending Shenxianshui is the manifestation of your appearance!
    Various snack gift packs
    It is good, want to tie the heart of girls! You have to tie the girl's stomach! If you can eat all kinds of delicious things with you, it is half satisfied with girls. Of course, it is necessary to send snacks in the situation. If girls are determined to lose weight recently, then do not try to challenge her determination and destroy her plan. At this point you should say: It's okay, you all look good, I like it! ~
    HUDA Eye Shadow
    Super big net red eye shadow brand! Whether she understands the eye shadow, she will feel that this eye shadow is good to see the explosion! Imagine that she painted the eye shadow you gave her, and opened a pair of big eyes to coquettish with you! Girls are all animals in the Department of visual. They have instinctual chase for things with good -looking appearance. This eye shadow is the best verification!
    iPhone X mobile phone
    This is probably the most new gift, but most girls will choose because the price is really there! When I receive this gift, she will scold you a few words: Oh, who makes you spend so much, I can still use this phone! Then you're dating you with joy ~ The gift is expensive and you can't represent much, but the expensive gifts must have your heart!

  2. Small gifts suitable for girls: girls who love to read books can buy her a book (girl love to read). Girls who love snacks can buy her some flavor snacks. Almost all girls love lipstick.

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