Can gold often use water to clean it? What is the role of gold?

Because I have brought it on my body, I have to touch the water without the sky ~ I am afraid that it is not good for gold!

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  1. Gold is an inert metal, so the commonly used washing itself, the gold itself, will not be bad for it, gold has the effect of storage and value.
    1. The role of gold is first a currency, which has not changed since ancient times. At present, gold can be directly exchanged for currency, such as using gold to exchange currencies in any bank.
    2. Gold is an item with a stable value -preserving value -stored value. It can be said that gold has almost no depreciation history in the human world. Therefore, gold can be said to be better than the currency. Have your own gold reserves.
    3, gold is a kind of wealth management product. We can see that there are many famous gold trading markets in the world. London Gold is one of the most famous trading venues.
    4, gold is a good economic tool, because any financial crisis in the world can rely on gold to solve the problem. For example, during the US financial crisis, gold began to push to the market.
    5. Gold is also an important token of love in the folk and funeral. The bride who married in China will get some men's gold jewelry. On the surface, this is a folk custom. In fact, it is also the same. A gold value embodiment.
    6. Gold is currently widely used in cutting -edge science and technology. For example, my country's aerospace technology, chemical technology, and medical technology are widely used in gold. Therefore, gold is also a very precious material, which has an important role in the development of world science and technology.
    Pucting information:
    The maintenance precautions for gold jewelry:
    1. The chemicals of cleaning essence will change the color of the gold, so you should take off the gold jewelry before doing cleaning.
    2. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue directly, otherwise it will easily cause gold decoration to fade.
    3. When swimming, remove the gold ornaments to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.
    4, use a velvet cloth to wrap it in the jewelry box during storage to avoid rubbing and damage to each other.
    5, gold is soft and easy to deform, so do not pull the necklace and other accessories to avoid deformation.
    6. Pure gold jewelry will have a chemical reaction when it encounters water and silver, and white spots appear. When cleaning, you can restore the original color as long as you grill under the alcohol lamp for a while.
    7. The gold jewelry after wearing is often lost due to the stains and dust stains. At this time, as long as the gold decoration is placed in the neutral detergent soaked and washed with warm water, and then removed and wiped.
    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Golden Jewelry

    Reference materials Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Gold

  2. Darrous sulfuric acid, if not, the home cleaning agent is good. Of course, it can be washed with water. It is rare, precious, and stable. It is a symbol of wealth and identity. decline. Everyone knows that having gold is equivalent to having wealth, which is determined by the unique characteristics of gold. Therefore, people have always used it as financial reserves, currencies, and jewelry. Of course, the use of gold is not limited to these areas.

    The luxury of gold has used it since ancient times, everyone has used it as jewelry decoration. Gold's monetary product attributes determine that gold is widely used in financial reserves. Due to the excellent characteristics of gold, the function of gold as currency in history, such as value scale, circulation means, storage methods, payment methods and world currencies.

    It gold is also applied to industrial and scientific and technological. Because gold has a unique and perfect properties, it has extremely high corrosion stability; good conductivity and thermal conductivity; the golden nucleus of the gold has a large capture of the effective section of the neutron; ; It has various touch -media properties in the alloy of gold; gold is also good for processing, which is easily processed into ultra -thin gold foil, micron gold silk and gold powder; Under certain pressure, gold is easily welded and forged; gold can be made into superconductors and organic gold. Because of so many beneficial properties that it has reasons to widely use the most needed modern high -tech industries, such as electronic technology, communication technology, astronomical technology, chemical technology, medical technology, etc.

    With the development of socio -economic development, the economic status and application of gold are constantly changing.二十世纪70年代以来黄金与美元脱钩后,黄金的货币职能在减弱,除了金融储备等功能外,黄金的投资功能逐渐显露出来,黄金投资开始兴起,黄金作为一种投资品被投资者用于Investment areas.

  3. Gold is an inert metal and rarely has chemical reactions with gold. Therefore, the common use of water, which does not affect the gold itself, will not be bad for it. Gold has the effect of storing value.

  4. I only know today that gold is soaked in water and soaked in water. It originally had a great role, saving hundreds of yuan a year

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