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  1. You can consider using Wang Shui
    Wang Shui to melt back when you meet any solids
    The metals including iron
    will also be melted by reaction
    It's not what you need

    but very dangerous

    The introduction of Wang Shui
    n Wang Shui n Catalog n Wang Shui n R n History
    The principle
    Wang Shui and its oxidation effects
    thenex of king Shui and Nobel medals

    Aqua regia, also known as "king acid", is a liquid with a very corrosive and yellow smoke. It is a mixture composed of nitric acid (HNO3) and hydrochloric acid (HCL). The mixed ratio is 1: 3, which There are still a few substances that can dissolve AU and PT. This is also the source of its name. However, the king of plastics -polytefluorolytin and some very inert metals such as TA are not corroded by the king water. Wang Shui is used in the etching process and some analysis. Wang Shui quickly decomposed, so it must be made directly before use.
    The edit history
    The hydrochloric acid was discovered when it was mixed with the Persian alchemy warlock Zabir Ibn Harbin in about 800 years. He mixed hydrochloric acid with nitric acid to invented the king water that can dissolve gold.
    The principle of this paragraph
    . Although the two components of Wang Shui are single -unable to dissolve the gold, they can dissolve the gold. The principle is: nitric acid is a very strong oxidant, which can be Dissolt the extremely small amount of gold, while the hydrochloric acid can react with the gold ions in the solution to form chloride gold, so that the gold ions leave the solution, so that nitric acid can further dissolve the gold:
    O3- 4H → AU3 NO ↑ 2H2O
    AU3 3Cl- → AUCL3
    AU HNO3 HCL === AUCL3 No ↑ 2H2O
    auCl3 HCL == HauCl4
    2hauCl4 ==== 2HCl ↑ 3Cl2 ↑ 2AU

    Mixed hydrochloric acid (the ratio of the amount of HNO3 and HCL in its mixed acid is 1: 3 in its mixed acid). Wang Shui has a strong oxidation ability, known as the king of acid. Some metals with insoluble nitric acid, such as gold, platinum, can be dissolved by Wang Shui. Although two types of acid are taken when preparing the water, the concentration of nitric acid is obviously only 1/4 of the original concentration in its mixed acid (that is, it has become dilute nitric acid). But why is the oxidation ability of Wang Shui more stronger than concentrated nitric acid? This is because there is the following reaction in the water:
    HNO3 3HCl ==== 2H2O CL2 NOCL
    So contains a series of strong oxidants such as nitric acid, chloride molecule, and chloride nitrotitiic. There are also high concentrations of chloride ions.
    The oxidation capacity of king water is stronger than nitric acid. Invasive metals such as gold and platinum are insoluble in a separate concentrated nitric acid, and can be dissolved in the king water. With stronger oxidation capabilities than concentrated nitric acid, it can make inert metals such as gold and platinum lose electrons and be oxidized:
    aU CL2 NOCL = AUCL3 No ↑ R R 4CL2 4NOCL = 3PTCL4 4NO ↑

    The high concentration of chloride ions with its metal ions can form a stable neutral ion, such as [AUCL4] - or [PT CL6] 2 -:
    auCl3 HCL = H [AUCL4]
    ptcl4 2HCl = H2 [PT CL6]

    to reduce the standard electrode potential of gold or platinum, which is conducive to reaction to the direction of dissolving metal. The chemical equation of the total reaction can be expressed as:
    au hno3 4HCl = H [AUCL4] no ↑ 2H2O
    3pt 4HNO3 18HCl = 3H2 [PT CL6] 4NO ↑ 8H2O

    Since gold and platinum can be dissolved in the king's water, people’s golden platinum jewelry (gold or platinum) is often cleaned by the processing of jewelry processing. The interests of the person.
    The anecdotes of Wang Shui and Nobel medals in this paragraph
    The two scientists, Lauer and Frank, have won the 1914 and 1925 Physics Awards. Bell medals, they came to Denmark, asking for Danish colleagues, and the 1922 Physics Award winner Bohr helped to save. In 1940, Nazi Germany occupied Denmark, and Bohr, who was entrusted by people, was anxious. A Hungarian chemist Hevisi (chemical winner in 1943) who worked in the laboratory helped him think of a good idea: put the medal into the "king water" (hydrochloric acid and nitric acid mixture), and the pure gold medal Solk. Bohr put the solution bottle on the laboratory frame, and the Nazi soldiers who were searched did not find this secret. After the war, the gold in the solution bottle was sent to Stockholm after being restored. It was re -cast according to the mold of the year. In 1949, it returned to Zhao. At that time, Chicago, USA, also held a grand medal return ceremony.
    This with Wang Shui "hand and feet" to wash the necklace the thief gold
    The April 28, 2008, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Branch of Dongsheng District, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau of the Public Security Bureau The owner of the silver jewelry processing store, the owner of Wu, used the opportunity to clean the gold necklace to steal gold. After the theft was revealed, the stolen boss was taken by the police on April 18.
    It according to reports, on the afternoon of April 1, the Criminal Investigation Brigade of the Public Security Bureau of Dongsheng District received a report that his gold necklace was cleaned in a gold and silver jewelry processing store, and found that the gold necklace was not only thinner. And the pattern on the necklace becomes unclear. After he reached the gold necklace, he found that the original 78 grams of gold necklace was 16.48 grams.
    In after receiving the police, the police immediately rushed to the gold and silver jewelry processing store to bring the owner back to the question. According to analysis and testing, the original shop owner was cleaned with a very corrosive "Wang Shui" to clean the gold necklace in order to steal gold. In the face of the evidence, the owner of the surname of Wu explained that when the jewelry such as gold was cleaned, it was burned with fire first, and the gold was used to remove the oil on the top. And there is no loss for gold itself. But in order to make a profit, he replaced the cleaning solution with "Wang Shui", using chemical reactions to steal the customer's jewelry gold, the longer the soaking time, the more gold.
    The boss of Wu also explained that because the state has no uniform standards and regulations on jewelry cleaning at present, some small jewelry processing stores use low -priced cleaning as bait. After the customer comes to, use "Wang Shui" to wash the gold. The method has almost become an open secret in the industry, and the profits are considerable. In response to this special golden theft, the police reminded people who cleaned the gold jewelry to go to large -scale regular gold and silver jewelry stores with good business reputation for processing or use of jewelry cleaning and beauty. shop.

    The reference materials: ke./view/8876? TP = 0_11 This should be a physical problem.

  2. The needle -free squid is flat oval, thick in the middle, thin edges, 9 to 14cm long, 2.5 to 3.5cm wide, and about 1.3cm thick. There are magnetic white spine up on the back, with slightly reddish sides, and there are not obvious small warts; white abdomen, fine wave -shaped horizontal stripes from the tail to the middle; Bone needle. Light body, loose, easy to break, section flour, showing loose layers. The gas is slightly fishy, ​​the taste is slightly salty

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