1 thought on “Is it possible to bring a golden tiger in the year in 2022? Can this fate belong to the tiger style gold?”

  1. According to the traditional algorithm of the zodiac signs, 2022 is the year of the zodiac tiger. In this year, the overall fortune of the tiger is poor, so many people will wear some jewelry for luck and refresh their own fortune, but in 2022, it belongs to the tiger. The natal year is not suitable for wearing the jewelry of the zodiac tiger, so you cannot bring the golden tiger or the golden hand bead of your own phase.
    If 2022 belongs to the tiger's fate to bring the golden tiger year?
    It is not possible. In 2022, it belongs to the tiger to wear gold, but it is not suitable for the accessories of the zodiac tiger, so it is not suitable for gold tiger.
    The tiger is not suitable for wearing zodiac tigers in their lives. Entering the year of the tiger in 2022, the tiger people coincided with the year of life. The five elements collided with each other and the Tai Sui gods, which can easily lead to crisis of criminals. In order to avoid offending too old, the Tigers should not wear a pendant or pendant related to tiger this year. On the contrary, they should be careful to avoid offending too old and bring more trouble to themselves. However, although the tiger should not wear accessories related to the Chinese zodiac tiger, they can wear the characteristics or elements of some prosperous Chinese zodiac signs. For example, the tiger born in 2022 belongs to the water in the five elements, and the golden water belongs to the water in the five elements. Therefore, these tigers can wear more accessories related to gold elements, which can promote and help traffic. There are great differences in the attributes of the five elements of the Tiger family born in different ages, so there is a big difference in elements suitable for wearing.
    Me a tiger in this year?
    . As the saying goes, a mountain is not two tigers, so 2022 is the year of the tiger. Try not to wear tiger jewelry, otherwise your luck will be worse. At the same time, the tiger's own aura is also very sufficient. If you put on tiger jewelry, it will look sharp, which will not only weaken your aura, but also attract the attention of the villain, it is easy to attract various doom. Therefore, from the perspective of which angle, the tiger is not suitable for wearing tiger jewelry in 2022.
    The taboo of the Tiger's fate of 2022
    1. Do not swim in the life of the life of the tiger in 2022. It is best not to do nothing. Even if they are not lucky, they should work hard to make life happiness and enrichment. Whether in work or making money, you have to pay 100%sweat and hard work. Also, don't be greedy, let alone embark on the road of illegal crimes for wealth overnight.
    2. Can't cover the tiger who should control his mouth in 2022. They must block their mouths when they speak. We should also keep low -key and introverted, minimize our sense of presence to avoid trouble. In addition, try not to go to the scene of the car accident this year, and do not go to the funeral home and crematorium to avoid aggravating your doom.
    3. Do not spend a mess and rotten lovers must be loyal to love from beginning to end in 2022. They cannot waste love regardless of blue and red soap. Single people should not contact casually, nor should they have a ambiguous relationship with multiple opposite sex at the same time, otherwise they will bring themselves many unfortunate things. Married friends should treat their partners well, otherwise they may divorce at any time when the relationship collapses.
    4. Pay attention to work and rest time Tigers should maintain healthy and regular work and rest in their lives. Do not let the morning dusk upside down. Whether it is diet or schedule, we should formulate strict plans, otherwise our health will become particularly bad, and may even have serious diseases. In addition, regular medical examinations are also necessary, so that we can better understand and understand our physical condition, so as to be early and early treatment.

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