2 thoughts on “IDESIGN Jewelry Cloud Design Software Who used it? It is said that it can be rendered with one click? is that true?”

  1. I use it, it is very easy to use. This is not a simple software, it is directly a jewelry 3D style library! Still a free WeChat Mini Program Mall! The most important thing is to generate directly! There is no need for any professional threshold. You only need to import the jewelry -style FBX file directly into the Idesign jewelry cloud design software. It is directly displayed in three -dimensional display. You can drag and interact. You can also change metal and gemstone online in real time to directly display the final effect. And, as long as you scan the code, you can directly generate WeChat mini programs! You can repost it with WeChat directly to those who want to see. The rendering inside is great. The rendered videos and pictures. We use it directly in Taobao. You don't need to repair the picture. You can use it directly. The picture can be selected from high -definition. For computers and TV, they are all rendered by one -click. This software developed by Baolong is too helpful to make jewelry. It can be said that it is a fool -style operation, which is very simple and the effect is superb. Good use. It is indeed a one -click rendering. You do n’t need to learn, set the angle, and click the rendering to get it.

  2. I have used Idesign jewelry cloud design software. It is a real -time rendering 4K high -definition interactive 3D effect, high -definition video/picture, automatic generating WeChat mini -program, diamond library search is equal to one, and the jewelry industry dedicated to rendering, display and sales tools. It was released by Baolong Jewelry Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in 2018. Software supports the use of the whole jewelry industry. Below I list the characteristics of the software:
    [Three -step introduction, 3D interactive display]
    ideSign is a jewelry 3D display software, importing jewelry 3D models, only three steps, simple operation. After the model is imported, the automatic three -dimensional interactive display can be dragged at any angle; and, you can DIY select different metals and gems, and the software displays the final effect in real time.
    [One -click rendering, realistic restoration]
    ideSign rendering jewelry 3D video and pictures, the material is realistic, the metal luster is strong, and the gemstone flashs close to the real object. The rendering operation is extremely simple: one -click rendering! After selecting the metal gemstone material, selecting background, environmental light, resolution, etc. of the jewelry, after the angle is placed, click "Start rendering" to automatically render the software. High -resolution videos are previewed, and the effect can be seen through a small window before rendering. Rendering pictures, automatically with transparent bottom pictures, convenient for later synthesis.
    [Rendering video, add logo, music, one -click synthesis]
    ideSign software allows yourself to upload music and logo, automatically synthesize in the rendering video, and it is integrated with style video without additional editing. The logo on the picture is also clear and natural.
    [3D jewelery style library, log in as soon as possible]
    ideSign software is a natural jewelry 3D style library. Click the 3D gallery inside, all the styles are in front of the eyes, covering various inlay styles such as diamond models, pearl models, colorful treasures, and emerald models, as well as various categories such as ring, necklace, earrings, wrist ornaments. Classic styles can be displayed in three -dimensional interaction, and you can scan the effect in WeChat.
    [Scan automatically generate WeChat mini -program, direct WeChat to people]
    ideSign or jewelry WeChat mall Automotive generator: Edit the WeChat interface after logging in, there is the homepage of its own WeChat Mini Program Mall. There is a QR code at the bottom right of any style. Scan the QR code. The software will automatically generate the WeChat mini program of this style, which can be sent directly to the person you want to deliver. Your own style will be automatically displayed in the list page of the Mini Program Mall. It is equivalent to no need to develop and automatically owns a WeChat Mini Program Mall.
    [Fool -type operation, 0 basics]
    ideSign is different from other software. It does not require professional learning. Log in to use. Check the 3D gallery, which is equivalent to using a conventional website, list page, search bar, style display, DIY material, clear at a glance; import the editing style, and click the button directly;

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