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  1. The ring is a particularly common jewelry in our lives. It is very delicate to wear in our hands, which will look particularly beautiful, and there are many styles of the ring. It is also particularly convenient to match. Let me tell you how can the ring be given away?

    can the ring be given freely
    The ring is basically a token of marriage or a token between male and female friends, so the ring cannot be sent randomly. From a conventional concept, the meaning of sending a ring means proposal, which means that the opposite sex expresses the favor to himself.

    The ring contains the meaning of alertness. Wearing a ring, in addition to the decoration, it also represents the identity of the person and has the meaning of restraint. For example, if you have a partner, you are married. The situation where boys send girls' rings are generally between couples and husbands. They express their love firmly. Girls have similar meanings to send boys, but they are relatively more for boys to send girls. If the two unrelated opposite sex, or just a good friend, should not send a ring. Essence Essence If it is homosexual, the problem is relatively simple. Jewelry delivery between girls is mainly to express friendship.


    The meaning of the ring to give away
    no.1 Friends to send ring

    Trust and mutual support, the ring represents pure feelings, and gifts between same -sex friends have the meaning of hope and long -lasting friendship. Therefore, the friend's worry is completely considered. Her friend just wants the friendship between the two. Although the netizen regards the other party as an ordinary friend, her ordinary friend is likely to treat her as The best friends get along. After listening to Xiaobian, the netizen talked with a friend who sent the ring. Sure enough, because she unintentionally helped her friends, it was nothing to her, but for this friend, she was full of gratitude, so she had it. Send a silver ring. Therefore, don't misunderstand the meaning of sending the ring!

    NO.2 Elderly sending a ring

    If elders to give them to junior rings, which usually means elders' hope and sustenance of juniors for juniors Essence Generally speaking, in the concept of the elderly, the ring represents family, hope and efforts, not to say that it is only because it is ancestral or valuable. The moment they handed the ring to you, they represent their ability to agree with you, hoping that you can be happy, successful and responsible. Gives a high level of spiritual level. Therefore, when accepting the ring of the elders, we must be serious and serious.

    no.3 Lover to send a ring

    The lovers to send rings, which is usually established to establish a relationship. The ring sent by the lover implies the ownership and hope. Want to invite the other party to grow old with himself, and the ring is a determination and symbol. There are many types of wedding rings. According to different materials, the price is huge, but Xiaobian believes that no matter how much the price of the ring, its feelings have no distinction between high and low, and their lovers are with their longing for the future and love for each other. In intentional and affectionate.

    This Ring how to choose
    . The brand of the ring

    The engagement ring has a deep symbolic significance. When choosing a ring, you can also pay more attention to the meaning of the brand. For example, men can only customize one ring brand Darry Ring in their lives, which represents the romantic commitment of true love for life. Men need to authenticate and sign the true love agreement when buying.

    . The style of the ring

    This can choose the engagement ring of different style design according to the girlfriend's hand shape. Some engagement rings are more fine, the ring is relatively small, and it is more suitable for girls with small hands; some engagement rings are luxurious and more suitable for girls with hand -type standards.

    The style of engagement ring can be roughly divided into plain rings and diamond rings. The plain ring is more particular about the design of the ring circle. , Diamond 4C levels are different, and the price of engagement rings will be very different. If you don't know the diamond 4C, you can consult the online customer service staff.

    . The material of the ring

    M common engagement rings are platinum and 18K gold, platinum is beautiful, strong, and stable in nature. The purity is generally very high and will not easily cause people to be allergic; platinum is called "love metal" and "precious metal king" because of pure and rare characteristics, which is worth selecting.

    18k gold has a variety of colors and strong hardness, and the price is more affordable than platinum.

    . The price of the engagement ring

    The budget of each person is different, the price of the selected engagement ring is different. If the prime ring will be cheaper, it will generally start at a few thousand yuan; if it is a diamond ring, the price ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price of 30 points diamond ring is much cheaper.

    This Rings How to maintain
    . Gold ring

    The gold ring is very common. From the material point of view, although the gold ring texture is relatively stable, the most important thing is to pay attention to is Avoid contact with chemicals, especially bleach and other irritating chemicals. Another thing to note is that the gold ring is easily corroded by perfume, so stay away from the gold ring when spraying perfume.

    . Diamond ring

    diamond ring is very precious, so it must be maintained well. However, the maintenance method of diamond ring is very simple. You can clean the diamond surface at home. You can pour some specialized gem cleaner in warm water. Just soak the diamond ring in the water, soak it for a while and then gently scrub with a soft rag, and finally dry it with a dry cloth.

    . Platinum ring

    platinum rings need to be cleaned regularly to keep it on the surface. When cleaning the platinum ring In the mild soapy water, then gently wipe it with a soft cloth. If you have conditions, you can also get professional maintenance in the store. Of course, you can maintain it for free in such precious ring shops.

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