Should I paint the interior walls around the Windows?

​When decorating an interior wall paint project, there is a more controversial point is the area problem, which is the overall project to add the area around the window, so it has advantages and disadvantages, so it is more difficult to solve.

​The following powder coating powder manufacturer for you to bring a detailed analysis.

interior wall paint adds the area around the window to need to see the area and decide. There are some areas of architectural paint that add the window outside the wall, because architectural paint belongs to the project decoration.

and some do not need to add, according to the corresponding batch putty quota valuation, because the amount of wall plaster is not the outer wall area, so should not add a window outside the wall, the window outside the wall has been included in the budget quota.

​It is not necessary to assume that it is appropriate to say why it should be added.

​In 03 inner and outer wall batch be bored with child does not add window doorway edge outer wall, and wall body should add.

hebei budget quota requirements: batch nizimian paint, building coating, spray (brush) according to the corresponding number of be bored with child quota valuation, and external walls of be bored with child do not contain the outer wall area in the <​ 2008 >​ billing according to the implementation of the materials in hebei province p91 page, article 4 is it can be finished according to the corresponding number of putty quota valuation measure is all according to the number of putty area measurement, i am in hebei, 03 and 08 at this point is the same, only a piece of material surface area is only considering the outer wall of the quantity of hebei 03 budget norm interior wall coating contains outer wall, the wall batch putty in 03 budget ration measurement standards contained in the outer wall of bill of quantities, this with 08 budget norm have difference area includes the area of the outer wall and vertical projection area.

interior wall paint proposal need not be full batch, if the waterproof putty powder is not very good, when the wall datum level high density can not be batch putty: 1 white glue: the wall can not scrape putty, can use 1.

​It is easy to cause the coating to fall off after brushing the architectural coating.

​Because it is putty powder and the bottom of the adhesion is generally not quite firm, cement and water to make up, suntan rain.

interior wall coating and windows side area, immediately in the room to decorate medium a quota, the quantity of = of putty area code because of be bored with child area code including windows side area of national level cost engineer, i am i have approval of hebei liquidation financial audit, so i understand above of be bored with child to brush paint, spray paint also follow batch of putty area as there is no doubt, and thus set quota, with batch be bored with child area code immediately, if you use is batch be bored with child area code won't increase window door side area again.

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