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  1. albuquerque wholesale jewelry Name: UKEY
    Introduction: UKEY is a fashion communication tool with Internet calls, text and voice instant messaging, telephone conferences, and group calling functions. It is small and exquisite, easy to carry, intuitive interface, simple use. As long as you have a computer that can access the Internet, you can chat with business partners, friends and relatives in Tiannanhai North. UKEY, comprehensively improve your communication efficiency, so that you can fully enjoy the infinite fun brought by the freedom of communication!

    In today's informatization society, information is a particularly important wealth for people. But is your information safe? It is true that you can protect information security through password passwords and other methods, but because more password passwords that need to be memory are getting more and more, the means of deciphering is getting clever and clever. "Robbing" in the computer network!
    ukey is based on a variety of protection mechanisms such as protecting your information security and identity authentication. It adds a security key to the information to you. Only the master of the key can get your own information!

    A security login ()
    A security login () provides a login and network login function based on the operating system, and the login information is written directly into the UKEY. Insert the key to complete the login, unplug the key lock system desktop or cancel.

    Cippicis chief manager ()
    The security management of various IE pages to neutralize the account password of the application login window. While helping you to remember the account password, it also helps you to realize automatic fill and one -click Login; adopt the PIN code management mechanism, even if UKEY is accidentally lost, you don't have to worry about the password leak.

    Thising virtual disk ()
    In one or more encrypted virtual disks on the computer, which can be encrypted to save any type of file; when the user exits the program or unplug UKEY, the virtual disk is automatically automatic Uninstall hidden, the files are encrypted and protected. All operations can be performed in the virtual disk.

    The computer -controlling ()
    The timing control of the computer use. When the computer is controlled on the home computer, it can be used to effectively control the time of parents to use the computer to use the computer to prevent them from indulging in computer games and delaying their studies.

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