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  1. I think online education is not saturated even in this case. Because of the current online education, it has always had a large gap.
    For parents, if you can give your children a good academic performance. No matter what ways you choose, you are willing to let your children try it. Because only the children have good results, it is the greatest relief for parents.
    . Online education is not protected.
    The people think that there are various online education on the market, so in this case, online education has been saturated. But I personally think that this idea is wrong. Because even if online education has a variety of, online education has always had a large gap. Therefore, in this case, I think it can still develop online education, and I also think that online education has a good development space.
    . Online education has always had a large gap.
    I personally said that online education has always had a large gap, mainly because many people in the society have always liked online education. Especially for some parents, when their children's academic performance is not good. They will choose to conduct some online education through their children's free time. Because this method of online education is not only simpler but also very convenient. The most important thing is online education, which can have certain results.
    . My personal opinion.
    It, I personally feel that online education has a good development space. Because online education has always been an industry with a large gap, and more and more people choose online education. Therefore, I think if there are conditions, you can choose to start a business in on -site education. Especially for some people with a relatively high level of cultural level, choosing online education is a good direction. And can also get some of your own sets in online education.

  2. The online education industry is the product of education technology reform. The development of online education has caused the time and space restrictions of traditional offline education. Under the common role of national policy support, the will of the national will, and the development of the Internet prosperity and development, the market demand for the online education industry in China has steadily increased. As of December 2020, the number of online education users in China has reached 342 million. It reached 423 billion yuan. From the perspective of the demand of market segments, the share of the online education market with K12 has continued to expand, and the demand for market demand is strong.
    MP main listed companies on the online education industry: At present, listed companies in the online education industry are mainly good future (TAL), New Oriental (EDU), Longhai Biological (836344), Quanye Education (300359) and so on.
    Is core data of this article: online education user scale, online education market size, user intercity distribution
    1, online education relative advantages highlight
    Under the development and popularization of intelligent equipment, online education has caused the time and space restrictions of traditional offline education to be broken, so that education can be changed in all directions such as technology, content, form and subject, and truly teaching.
    2. National policy and Internet popularization jointly promote the growth of the overall market demand for online education
    First, the state's support for the education industry is one of the important factors for the development of the online education market. Since 2010, with the development of the country's economic development, my country has gradually deepened the importance of talent training, and its investment in the education industry has increased year by year. The total investment in education in 2020 was 5301.4 billion yuan, an increase of 5.65%over the previous year.
    Among them, the national fiscal education funding was 4289.1 billion yuan, an increase of 7.10%over the previous year, accounting for 4.22%of the GDP proportion. At the same time, the state introduced a series of positive policies for the online education industry to help China's online education industry's development.
    Furthermore, the increase in Internet penetration rate is also an important source of the growth of online education demand. At present, the growth of Chinese netizens has entered a relatively stable stage. The popularity of the Internet in the transforming population and residents of developed areas has reached a high level. Residents in relatively backward areas.
    As of December 2020, the size of netizens in my country reached 989 million, an increase of 85.4 million from March 2020, with a penetration rate of 70.4%, an increase of 3.4 percentage points from June 2020. With the prosperity and development of the mobile Internet, the price of mobile terminal equipment is lower and the access to the Internet is more convenient. It provides an opportunity for some of the Internet promotion in some backward areas and the difficulty of transforming people. The foundation is to promote the growth of online education demand.
    Under the common role of national policy support, Internet prosperity and development, and improvement of national education, the market demand for the online education industry in China has increased steadily. As of December 2020, the number of online education users in China reached 342 million, a decrease of 81.25 million compared with March 2020, accounting for 34.6%of the overall netizens.
    In the second half of the year, with the active progress of the prevention and control of the epidemic, the normal teaching order has basically resumed in large, middle, and secondary schools. 100 million, industry development is better.
    With the rapid growth of the scale of online education users, the scale of China's online education market has also increased significantly. According to the overall market data of China's online education, the scale of China's online education market in 2020 reached 423 billion yuan, an increase of 21.97%year -on -year 346.8 billion yuan.
    3. Preschool and K12 online education market share continues to expand
    The traditional Chinese regular education system consists of four parts, namely semester education, compulsory education, higher education and vocational education.
    The semester education mainly refers to kindergarten education during the age of 3-6;
    primary school, junior high school, and high school are the nine-year compulsory education stage;
    college, undergraduate, and graduate students after higher education and compulsory education Education, China's implementation of higher education institutions are universities, colleges and colleges, and high school universities have three major functions: teaching, scientific research and social services;
    traditional vocational education includes secondary vocational schools and colleges. Corresponding to the process of education system in China, online education can be divided into four major areas: preschool education, K12 online education, higher education online education and vocational online education.
    It in terms of China's online education segment, in 2016-2020, the market share of low young and quality education, K12 discipline training in the field of online education continues to expand, and the market share in 2020 was 24.5%and 17.9%, respectively. Essence Vocational education and adult language markets rely on huge social needs, and have always occupied the main share of the entire online education market.
    From the perspective of demand, the post -80s and post -90s have gradually become the mainstream of parents. The domestic education concept has changed to the direction of more attention to the cultivation of children's comprehensive literacy.
    4. Online education sinking market demand is strong, and the trend of further sinking is obvious
    From the perspective of regional market division, the demand for online education markets in third -tier and below cities is more strong. According to the analysis of the educational and learning APP user data released by China Mobile Internet Database () in June 2019, the active penetration rate of users in third -tier cities is the highest, which is 24.8%; the active penetration rate of third -tier and below cities exceeds 56%. At the same time, the preferences of educational and learning APP sinking market users are also significantly higher.
    In addition, according to Fasdata's extreme data, in the field of K12 online education, in the past three years, the proportion of users in the third -tier and below cities of users has continued to increase. The growth of users, the sinking trend of online education is obvious.
    Note: The active penetration rate is the number of monthly active users of a certain APP application classification of a certain APP application. The monthly active penetration rate of a certain application classification is except for the monthly active penetration rate of the category of the entire network*100
    In relevant data of more industries, please refer to the "China's online education industry market forward -looking and investment strategy planning analysis Report "

  3. The current online education is indeed saturated, with a variety of online education brands, and there are various types of online education in various types of disciplines. There are many varieties.

  4. Today's online education is indeed saturated, because online education has been developing for a long time, and online education is basically no shortage of people.

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