Teach you how to make a beautiful lamp with an electron tube, check it out and get started!

Whether you like to watch TV or play on the computer, you can use the tube to make a beautiful lamp to light yourself. If you want a delicate, gorgeous look, then check out what I've taught you.

1: What is an electron tube?

The electron tube is a small electronic component that can quickly respond to the input signal. It realizes the required function by precisely controlling the current pulse. Therefore, the electron tube has high efficiency and sensitivity in the circuit, which can greatly improve people's ability to use computers, mobile phones or other equipment for real-time communication. This is 1GP7001. In addition to improving application performance, it can also save a lot of energy costs. In addition, because the tube itself is small, does not have a large heat dissipation area, so it will not affect the service life of electronic components. Finally, compared with traditional electronic devices such as resistance and capacitance, the electron tube has more advantages: small size, less power consumption, strong durability, not easy to be damp, etc. To sum up, the electron tube, as a new basic electronic component, is gradually becoming an indispensable part of People's Daily life.

2: Advantages of the electron tube

Vacuum tube has the following advantages: 1. Easy to use. Valves can be controlled in a small device, so they are easy to operate and maintain; 2. Stable performance. Due to the characteristics of electronic components, it is very durable and not easy to damage; 3. Long life. Normally, the tube can be used for more than 10 million hours, while the ordinary resistor only about 6000 hours. 4. Be environmentally friendly. Electronic products are generally more environmentally friendly and healthier than other devices. 5. Low cost. Compared with conventional energy sources, electronic resources are relatively cheap and easy to obtain. 6. Easy to assemble. Electronic components are made in the form of packaging, easy to repair and replace.

3: How to make a beautiful lamp

1. First, you need to get an electron tube. 2. Then, connect it to the power supply. 3. Next, turn on the switch and see the flow of electrons begin to enter the control panel. 4. Click Show more and select the functional area that you want to debug. 5. Select the "Design to manufacturers" option from the pop-up menu and ensure that the list contains the required information and tool entries. 6. After the Settings are complete, click [Options] button to view the corresponding Settings.

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