Sex is good, but also to grasp the degree

Sex is the normal physiological needs between husband and wife, proper sex can bring a lot of benefits to the body, and can promote the feelings of the couple. At this time many people will have questions, what kind of sex frequency is healthy? Follow Xiaobian to learn about this problem.

What's the healthiest sex frequency?

There is no exact way to say this, and the frequency of sex varies with age. Under normal circumstances, the second day of sex, the whole person feels comfortable, no sense of fatigue, indicating that the frequency of sex is normal.

If the second day of the room, the whole person is very tired, no spirit, it shows that the room frequency is too much, to properly reduce the number of rooms.

If long-term sex is excessive, can bring a lot of harm to the body, what are the specific? Let's read on. There's a black bbw sex doll.

What are the dangers of excessive sex?

First of all, having sex too often is likely to lead to sexual dysfunction in both or one of the couples. When sex gets in the way, it's easy to have a bad sex life and even put your marriage at risk.

And long-term no harmonious sex men easy to cause all kinds of sexual dysfunction problems, bring great psychological pressure to men, affect the physical and mental health development.

Secondly, for both men and women, too much sex, will consume too much physical strength. Over time, it will lead to poorer physical quality, easy to cause diseases, and even affect the normal mental state, thinking ability, memory and analytical ability is deteriorating.

Again, frequent sex can also lead to long-term congestion of reproductive organs. For men, this condition is easy to cause prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis and other diseases; And women may cause pelvic congestion, lower body heavy and a series of symptoms.

Finally, whether male or female, sex is too often not good sex experience, the two sides are prone to psychological gap, or will affect the play of male masculinity due to psychological and spiritual factors.

Sex is a normal physiological need, and maintaining a healthy frequency of sex has many benefits for the body. But need to remind is, especially newlyweds, must control the frequency of sex, because excessive sex, whether physical or psychological are not good, do not think that the number of times is bad, this statement is completely without scientific basis, will only hurt your own body.

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