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  1. wholesale korean jewelry /AC/C/
    Fraud unit:
    If unit: Guangdong precious metal precious metal operation Co., Ltd.
    Tel: 020-38928999 020-38928969

    Tel: Complaint Tel:
    The registration number is,
    Address, Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Financial District Financial Area A Writers Building Xiaoshan Chamber of Commerce Building A 9th Floor)
    Projects, precious metals and their products wholesale (except for national specialized control categories) Investment consultation
    (except securities, futures, funds).
    A fraud agent: Guangdong Jin Ruyi Metal Business Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Suzhou agent
    office phone number: (Ms. Hu) n Address: 515 No. 17 Floor, Grade A, 17th Floor
    The company name: Suzhou Baiyao Investment Management Co., Ltd.
    Legal representative: Zhai Huihui Yang Chunxiang
    N Chen: QQ: Mobile Number:
    Fraud group: QQ: 258504329 (group name: Suiyuan Exchange Group)
    Ted: QQ: 799280532 (net name: acquaintance, self -name Zhang Hua) r r r r r r r n Caterman: QQ: 737096865 Name: Unknown (Net Name: Lin Qiang) Tel:
    Rights: Guangdong precious metal market regulatory telephone:
    Guangdong Industrial and Commercial Bureau: 02012315
    Guangdong Securities Regulatory Commission complaint:
    Calculating complaints:
    In Guangdong State -owned Assets Supervision Commission Supervision:
    In Guangdong Jin Ruyi Western Power Group: 483455146
    Pets to defend rights qq group: 375885179 and 273743369
    Tel: 051212315
    I I want to complain about the Guangdong Gold Ruyi Metal Business Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Jin Ruyi), a member unit of the Guangdong Provincial Calco Metal Trading Center (hereinafter referred to as the Canton Communications Center), and its agent Jiangsu agent operates and fraud. I am at the spot silver trading account of the member unit of Golden Ruyi 087, from December 2, 2015 to the end of the transaction on December 4th. Ten percent, 70 % of the principal losses, this loss is not caused by normal investment risks, but the agent and salesman below Jin Ruyi Company (claiming to be Linqiang QQ number 737096865 office phone number) and others The result of art is that they set up fraud. The reasons are as follows:
    1. illegal account opening for accounting for accounting: There is no written contract and agreement between the two parties when opening an account, and no one prompts me the risk. His request to fill in the options. I did n’t let me provide my ID card from beginning to end, and even my ID number did not allow me to provide it. I just sent me an account opening link and asked me to fill in according to his requirements. No simulation operations were performed before the transaction, and many of them were hastily operated without making it clear. For example, the expenses in buying and selling, as well as overnight fees (extended fees, warehouses), overnight to stop profit -making and stop losses, etc., will not be explained to me. Just blindly, Lin Qiang kept calling to inform me of buying and selling. (See Annex 1 and Annex 2, Annex 3) This is obvious fraud.
    2, Jin Ruyi said that third -party supervision does not exist at all
    illegal control of customer funds: My funds do not have any dominance, nor does it have a bank third -party supervision like the company promoted. A general settlement account and online transaction funds are opened for it, and only the duties of trading funds settlement (the name of the gold is the name of the black platform, and the formal futures are called investment funds). Moreover, the details printed by the funds showed that the funds were directly entered the exchange's account, and the transaction investment was not stated. The destination where the funds could not be listed (Annex 4), showing only virtual currencies in the operating system. The names of their investment in customer funds in the name of investment are obviously fraud.
    3, illegal operation: For precious metals and current futures transactions, they must be approved by the state. If they are not approved, even real transactions are illegal. Kim Ruyi, including agents, did not operate the spot of the spot silver electronic disk, but represented the spot's silver electronic disk transaction. The business scope of registered registration of industry and commerce is: wholesale and retail products such as gold, silver, and other products. Except for securities, funds, and investment consulting services outside the futures, there is no spot silver or other online transactions. It can be seen that they are typical illegal operations.
    4. Spot electronic transactions must be the real economy. My transaction account shows that the real delivery record is zero and there is no spot delivery (Annex 5). Document No. 38 stipulates that the time interval between any investor after buying or selling the same transaction variety must not be less than 5 trading days, and my transaction is performed frequently within a day. The spot requires T 5, and now Jin Ruyi Company is T 0, all of which are futures characteristics (see Annex 5).
    5, Jin Ruyi online gang fraud, gamble with customers! In the name of spot futures, ignore the national law! Intersection Intersection
    The network spot should be based on the spot and the purpose of delivery. Jin Ruyi does not have logistics, transportation and warehousing behaviors only in the spot. The real delivery record is zero, and the transactions between Jin Ruyi and customers are not to collect or deliver the spot physical objects, but to achieve profitability through the price difference between buying and selling, which is fully in line with the characteristics of futures transactions! Intersection Therefore, Jin Ruyi set up a silver spot trading platform with a silver spot trading platform with typical futures trading characteristics such as short -selling, lever amplification, margin trading, and compulsory liquidation without operating permits. The transaction platform only referred to the international silver price price in the spot price of silver and the actual transaction that was actual in the international silver spot market (that is, the company sits in the village to gamble with investors, and charges the transaction fee at the same time). The Department of Implementation of the Department of Clean up and rectify various trading venues "Guofa [2012] No. 37", "The State Council's Decision on Clean up and rectify various trading venues to effectively prevent financial risks" (Guo Fa [2011] No. 38) " Notice on the identification of illegal futures transaction activities for the commodity and spot market (the relevant work "(December 31, 2013 Securities Regulatory Office [2013] No. 111)" Notice on Prohibition of Standardization Contract Trading Activities in the Name of E -commerce " Send [2013] No. 74) Ignoring the discipline of the national law!
    6 Complaint request:
    1, the request to return all the principal I have been deceived, request compensation for RMB 10,000 yuan. Yuan can activate the account.) Three days and two nights were cheated. Now they are known by the family because of huge losses. Now that the family is broken, I have no intention to go to work. I have been fired by the company. n2, requesting a serious investigation of the scam, accusing the crimes according to its criminal behavior. Talking in the group, a net name "acquaintance" (self -proclaimed Zhang Hua) (QQ: 799280532) took the initiative to add my QQ. After chatting, he told me that there was a group. It is said that the "Teacher Chen" in the group is great, so I invited me to join (group name: Suiyuan exchange group). Qq group in Suiyuan Communication Group: 258504329 provides free analysis stock services. I also consulted the stock in the group. Things, then "Teacher Chen" asked me to add him QQ (). When helping me analyze the stock, "Mr. Chen" said that he could sell the stock and come out for silver investment. During the chat, "Mr. Chen" knew me The telephone, name, and existing funds. At the same time, "acquaintance" also sent some screenshots with high silver income from time to time, and there are some recent screenshots of the capital investment of customers who opened accounts. 100,000, come to attract customers, and lobby non -agricultural weeks (December 4) is a lot of money. "Knowing" has always asked me when I can get the funds, how much funds I have, and other questions. To enter more funds in the non -agricultural market. Then "Teacher Chen" asked his assistant "Lin Qiang" to open an account on the morning of December 2. When opening an account, "Lin Qiang" issued a one on QQ on QQ. Give me the website link and let me open it. At the same time, he called me. On the phone, "Lin Qiang" asked me to fill in the options he requested. After a few minutes, I successfully opened the account. Certificate such as ID cards. Later, "Lin Qiang" told me that I had successfully opened an account, but I had to enter 100,000 yuan to activate the account. In order to be traded normally. So I transferred to the account number of 100,000 yuan at around 10:30 am on December 2. Later, I told "Lin Qiang" that the money had turned, and "Lin Qiang" called the phone that it had removed me from the "exchange group with the fate" and added me to the "non -agricultural households 1 group". It is convenient for me to receive exact trading information.
    In half an hour after opening an account, "Lin Qiang" asked me to buy one first, so I bought it at 11:12. In the afternoon, "Lin Qiang" called to sell, and bought it again, so I sold it and buy it at 14:02 minutes. By 17:00 in the afternoon, I called me to buy it again, so I sold it again. I have been buying and selling that night. Then on December 3, I suspected that "Lin Qiang" did not listen to his prompts. During the day, there is only about 10 fluctuations of about 10 points, which also allows me to keep buying and selling. So he asked "Teacher Chen" to call me, "Teacher Chen" called me a meal, saying that let me buy and sell in accordance with the prompts of "Lin Qiang", don't hesitate. So I listened to "Lin Qiang" again. Until the evening of December 4, the loss was nearly 70,000 yuan.
    The on December 5th I will check the Internet. I found that many people were the same as me, and then I was deceived.

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