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  1. 1. Personality

    is very easy to become a blogger, but it is quite difficult to try to make ourselves a well -known blogger. The output of any content is a long -term accumulation process. Therefore, we need to have the following characteristics:

    ① Focus on

    It no doubt that when you try to have an impact in one field When we are forced, we must output valuable information in this field for a long time, and intuitively solve the problem of search engine user search.

    instead of continuous expansion in multiple fields, looking for more broad potential traffic.

    ② Interest

    When you try to output the content for a long time and become a well -known blogger, we think that the content you write must be the direction of interest, otherwise it will be difficult for us to be in In the long -term operation, spend the boring bottleneck period, and sometimes even face the situation of exhaustion.

    ③ open

    everyone's perspective is always limited. If we want to study in a deep research, we must expand our horizons and invite more SEO personnel. Participate in and produce a large amount of UGC content.

    ④ diligence

    This Shan has a road diligence, no shortcut strategy, as a well -known blogger. A reward.

    ⑤ Mentalization

    When you are on the road of writing, there is sadness, there is joy, we can not always encounter the voice of approval, even sometimes, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them, most of them. Feedback is against the sound, which requires us to adjust the mentality and continue to move forward.

    2, strategy

    Is when we sort out the above factors, we need to think about the relationship between independent bloggers and new media platforms, especially some permissions involving some permissions. The question, for example, which platform I send first.

    From the perspective of search technology, we recommend that you keep pushing simultaneously as much as possible, because it is likely that any media account will be monitored by competitors or even plagiarism.

    3. Share

    The problem of returning to independent blogs, each blogger may have a problem of commercial conversion. It is normal to use blogs to make money. I hope to obtain any commercial income considerations with the help of blogs.

    Otherwise, we need to learn how to share our blogs and distribute them by selecting the appropriate channels and focusing on our website content.

  2. I want to be a Xiaohongshu to wear bloggers, but I have no experience. I also have daily life. Why is there no traffic?

    (*^__^*) Hee hee ..., the fifth Lesson 5 of the newcomer of Bama Baozi, how to become a blogger.

    The precautions for becoming a blogger

    not must have a high value, but you must have your own style.

    The blogger account must be vertical, all of which are worn.

    The clothes that must be worn by yourself. It is appropriate to recommend it.

    The recommended clothes to wear the same price range.

    The second: What types of notes that can be posted?

    The most recommended: new products of major brands

    recommendation of vertical people (flat breasts are most suitable for wear)

    (For example, what kind of clothes are suitable for what kind of person)

    The scene implantation (implanting swimwear during swimming)

    third: The title must be grasped, Example: The most big breast sisters in the UR, so the clear audience

    can attract these people to look at your notes. The title should be used with 70%long tail words 30%of the real -time words. Instant words are popular words, such as Double Eleven, changing season, autumnal equinox.

    The third: The cover picture is best to wear the blogger to go out, wear suitable crowd front, or implant scenes.

    Fourth: Wear content, be sure to wear it, read more, accumulate vocabulary, what materials of clothes, and what are the characteristics, you must understand well

  3. You can see some fashionable magazines from starting with bloggers. As an ordinary person, everyone has a certain sense of beauty, but it may not be professional in fashion wear, so this requires some knowledge to guide people to make the next step. We can see some about wearing knowledge. In terms of small skills, you can study a few daily. In the long run, you have a subtle way, your own aesthetics will be improved, and more knowledge you know in terms of wear will be improved.

    The use of the Internet to learn. Now is an era of Internet technology developed, WeChat public account, some small videos on the Internet, Weibo, Xiaohongshu, Douban, etc., there will You need to choose, you can imitate it, but you must not be copied. You must consider your own situation to choose the road that suits you and take the road that suits your style.

    ME record expression. After becoming a blogger, you need to write some wearing skills, and you also need to wear your experience.

  4. In fact, it is not as difficult as everyone thinks. No matter what the figure can be dressed, the premise is that everyone should improve their aesthetics and learn to buy "right" clothes.
    It sisters who usually love to buy clothes can try which clothes they have been seen, first put them in the shopping cart. If you go to see it after a week, you still want to buy it, then place an order.
    I used to buy clothes randomly before, and I did n’t like it after many buying it. I even bought clothes that I had n’t removed three years ago in my wardrobe! But since using this method, I have hardly bought a regret clothes in the past two years.
    It is to remember the principle of "a penny, one penny", and the basic model that often wear, prefer to spend more money to buy a expensive quality, you can wear it for three or four years, and it is better than buying one. It is cheap but cheap.
    Okay, I have always been talking about it. It ’s better to comment on the tips you usually wear or you like to wear bloggers today, so that other sisters can also learn!

  5. Now it is really a bit like a national blogger. If you want to start from scratch, be an anchor, so do you have to do the following? 1. Where does creative inspiration come from?

    In the real story with you first.

    I friends took the agent of the Michelin brand derivatives and said a bag. As soon as I heard Michelin, I thought of that fat and cute image, and I started looking forward to this bag.

    did not expect to see it, it was so simply marked the image, the pricing was 200 faster:

    There was also one in 2009, inspired by the painter Francis Bacon. But he did not simply print the painting on his clothes, but transformed inspiration into his own understanding:

    The whole series, you can feel his reference and use of color and selection of fabrics , Completely transform abstract paintings into DVN's artistic work.

    The bag back to the beginning, you will feel that this design is too junior and too weak. In this comparison, the high -end inspirational transformation ability will appear.

    The daily inspiration processing, we also need to be good at observing the ability of inspiration and our field to train this internalized inspiration.

    I we can divide these inspirations into internal inspiration and external inspiration.

    In observation to find inspiration

    The internal inspiration is the idea of ​​daily observation, thinking, and summary.

    For example, on the basis of the three courts and five eye theory, think about various faces with suitable hairstyles; consider the effects of skeleton on dressing on the basis of the round body.

    The conclusion of this conclusion type requires a lot of observation and thinking. It cannot be obtained at once, and it needs to be continuously enriched and improved in the process of creation.

    During training thinking, you, friends around you, and passers -by on the street can be the object you observe. A few days ago, I cut my hair, and I saw that the hair of different levels of hair was overlapped, and the hazy feeling of generating, I thought of the gauze skirt.

    How to make the gauze skirt look cheap? In fact, like hair, it is necessary to overlap at different lengths and levels to produce the elegance of hazy fairy.

    . For example, the botox of the crow's feet is fought. When you laugh, you find that the muscles are more powerful at the moment, and the muscle compensation causes the wrinkles to deeper.

    It can think of several other similar items. For example, many people say why the nose fills the nose and feels bigger. ——Sun a fine -tuning sequelae can be written.

    The trivial matters and details in life can be captured by us, and then diverge and associate, and become our own source of inspiration.

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