2 thoughts on “How long does it take to do a small start of a small business in Changchun?”

  1. Learning ramen can generally learn to learn in 1-2 days, but it depends on your personal situation and where you learn. If you study in a professional catering training school, you are taught by professional teachers. , Like Changchun New Oriental Cooking School is a professional catering training school, more than 30 years of experience in running schools, focusing on technical training, more than 80%of practical practice, don't worry about not learning. There are many types of pasta that are professors there. They are all taught by the formula. The kind of learning can be customized according to the needs. The time is flexible. After learning, you can also start a business to help. There is a guarantee for opening a business! If you are a novice, you want to learn the pasta industry of ramen, and you have to prepare for opening a store. Generally speaking, it takes two months. Because learning ramen is a hard work, it is not easy to learn. If you want to open a store, you have to choose the address and passenger traffic. Therefore, it takes about two months to take it!

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