5 thoughts on “How about Nanjing Securities account opening? Which one is better now and what do you need?”

  1. Hello, in response to your questions, Guotai Junan Shanghai Branch gave the following answers

    has a lot of securities companies, different styles, and different quality. For our small and medium investors, how to choose how to choose A high -cost -effective securities company does a securities account opening. Personal suggestions can consider from the following perspectives:
    . The reputation of securities companies, that is, the brand image and credit in the minds of the majority of investors. As the saying goes, the golden cup and silver cup are not as good as the people's reputation. If everyone around you thinks that a securities company is better, then it is not wrong to choose this securities company as a securities account to open an account.
    If, supply and demand is in accordance with its own investment needs and the characteristics of a securities company. For example, you want to do some trust products or like to do some innovative businesses, such as financing and securities lending, then it is best to find a large -scale old -fashioned broker, because many pilot work of many innovative businesses must be from them first. At the beginning, if you open an account in such a securities company, you will also walk in front of other investors and enjoy the benefits of innovation business. Guotai Junan is an old -fashioned broker of such a full -brand license. Their umbrella -shaped trusts, margin financing lending, stock index futures and other innovative businesses have done very well.
    It, scale and market share, these reflect the weight of a securities company in the industry, applying for securities accounts in large securities companies, like you buy clothes in a large shopping mall, what you want is the brand sense Intersection And handling securities companies in such a large securities company will also greatly improve the asymmetry of ordinary investors' information.
    The above is the most important points of Shanghai Securities account opening to choose Shanghai Securities Company. It is the best one for them. I hope everyone can invest smoothly!

    Piversions for details.
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    If still have questions, welcome to ask questions from Guotai Junan Securities Shanghai Branch.

  2. The account opening in the stock is similar to a bank account. For example, if you are in Nanjing, you can go to a securities company in Nanjing. There will be an enthusiastic economic man to entertain you. You said that I want to open a stock account and they will let you fill in the form. This procedure is similar to the bank opening.
    What should novice stock account opening
    1. The time for handling stock account opening:
    from Monday to Friday (except holidays) from 9:30 am to 15:00 pm, stocks can be carried out Open account.
    2. According to the account opening regulations on the exchange, applying for the stock account must be that I hold my ID card, and the bank card account opening ID must be consistent with the account opening certificate of the stock account.
    The second -generation ID card can apply for stock account opening, but you need to query the customer's identity information in the financial ID card query system of the Ministry of Public Security, and the photos are consistent with me.
    3. When the new shareholders go through the stock opening procedures of the Securities Sales Department, pay attention to the opening procedures for opening the GEM:
    The stock trading to open the GEM requires customers to sign the GEM for opening agreement. Check the opening procedures for the opening of the GEM. In this way, when you want to trade the GEM stock in the future, you do n’t have to go to the business department to avoid going back and forth in the future. There is no fee for the opening procedures for the opening of the GEM.

  3. It is not that the securities company has a good commission low service, because each broker has many business units, and each business department commission is different, and a business department has a number of customer managers. Height and service quality are different.
    The stock account opening is very simple. Take your ID card and bank card to the securities company, or open it on the website of the securities company. After the opening of the bank, you can start the three -party depository management, or you can also handle the three -party depository management through online banking. Some bank cards and securities companies can directly bind them.

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