Sales of sex dolls have skyrocketed because people who are quarantined at home simply don't have anything to do

At present, the global epidemic is still serious, the total number of confirmed cases has already exceeded 6 million. Although the situation in our country has alleviated and gradually returned to work and production, in many countries, home isolation is still the first choice to ensure life and health.

But as the pandemic progressed, people who had nothing else to do at home did everything they could to stave off boredom -- and the result was an unprecedented increase in sex doll sales.

A company called sexangelbaby is hiring on a massive scale because it has seen a surge in orders over the past two months, especially for sex doll America, which has seen a 51.6 percent increase in orders from singles and a 33.2 percent increase in orders from non-singles.

"We used to have a lot of products in stock, but now we can't make them fast enough to sell them. We are hiring staff and developing new products as quickly as possible, and orders from the US and Europe are pouring in."

The increase in orders seems understandable, given that many people are quarantined in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the idea that a silicone doll could provide companionship without the company of others is not at all surprising.

There are also silicone dolls that simulate men to meet the needs of different groups of people.

Another manufacturer is also experiencing staffing problems due to skyrocketing orders for 4ft sex doll, as sales have increased during the coronavirus pandemic.

His products aren't cheap, but they're still in short supply, starting at about $1,600 for a life-size silicone doll (high-end models top out at $8,000).

Normally, people would be priced out of a purchase, but during the pandemic, it's okay to be a little more expensive, and people are apparently more willing to pay high costs to stave off the boredom of home quarantine.

In order to adapt to the increasingly common demand for personalization, manufacturers are developing more advanced intelligent dolls. In the future, there will be 5g intelligent AI dolls that can breathe, have a heartbeat, and have intelligent conversations.

Leisure is the first productive force, because boredom and curiosity always have a strong power.

Many adult retailers saw a surge in sales in March and said the increase was down to a "try something new" attitude.

It's not just single people who are willing to try it out, but couples as well.

"The huge demand is not just a symbol of profit growth," the toymaker's founder said. It also means a change in people's attitudes,"

"The traditional stereotype that only loners buy silicone dolls is completely incorrect. What we're seeing now is a growing acceptance of these toys and people are bringing them into the bedroom."

The epidemic will pass sooner or later, the silicone doll market will be hot from now on or a question mark.

Foreign dating sites surveyed their users on the topic and found that while 12 percent of respondents said they were "more likely" to consider buying a doll during the pandemic, only 5 percent said they would have to buy one.

In addition, 62 percent of people said they could not accept the doll as anything other than a real person. This suggests that silicone toys are still a niche hobby, not a mainstream one.

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