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  1. Guangzhou Yingjue E-commerce Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (natural person investment or holding) registered in Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province. Jindai Creative Park L309 (independent declaration).
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Guangzhou Yingjue Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is that corporate legal person Lin Yanhui is currently in a state of opening.
    The operating scope of Guangzhou Yingjue Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. is: department store retail (except food retail); comprehensive retail of daily miscellaneous products; textiles and knitwear retail; clothing retail; clothing accessories retail; headgear retail; cosmetics and hygiene Shopping retail; glasses retail; box, contract retail; clock retail; retail of wood, plastic, leather daily necessities; small jewelry, small gift retail; stationery retail; sports goods and equipment retail; diamond jewelry retail; gem jewelry retail; jade jewelry retail; jade jewelry retail; jade jewelry; Retail; Crystal Jewelry Retail; Pearl Jewelry Retail; Retail of Arts and Crafts; Retail of Musical Instrument; Retail of Make Photo Equipment; Retail of Toys; Retails for Retails and Entertainment Products; Retails of Telescope; Computer Retails; Retails of Computer Parts; Retail of Office Equipment Consumption; Electronic Component Retail Sales ; Electronic products retail; silver product retail; platinum products retail; retail shoe; hat retail; textiles, knitwear and raw materials wholesale; clothing wholesale; clothing accessories wholesale; headwear wholesale; craftsmanship; Internet commodity sales (except permit approval commodities) ;其他人造首饰、饰品批发;乐器批发;珍珠饰品批发;商品批发贸易(许可审批类商品除外);箱、包批发;鞋批发;钟表批发;化妆品及卫生用品批发;宝石饰品批发;眼镜批发; Improvement of stationery supplies; wholesale of platinum products; wholesale of home accessories; retail of Internet commodities (except for approved commodities); wholesale of photographing equipment; wholesale of sports supplies and equipment; technology import and export; toy wholesale; crystal jewelry wholesale; active and entertainment supplies wholesale; wholesale; Jade jewelry wholesale; gold products wholesale; hat wholesale; silver products wholesale; retail trade (except for the approval of commodities); diamond jewelry wholesale; Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is average.
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