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  1. Guangzhou Jingxi International Trade Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company (wholly-owned natural person) registered in Guangdong Province in 2017-03-30. The registered address is located at No. 106, Feng Zedong Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou City (Building 1) X1301- G3297 (only office use) (JM).
    The unified social credit code/registration number of Guangzhou Jingxi International Trade Co., Ltd. is that the corporate legal person Jin Hong is currently in a state of opening.
    The operating scope of Guangzhou Jingxi International Trade Co., Ltd. is: import and export of goods (except for specialized controlled goods); technology import and export; cosmetics and sanitary products wholesale; retail of cosmetics and sanitary products; clothing wholesale; clothing accessories wholesale ;头饰批发;鞋批发;帽批发;纺织品及针织品零售;服装零售;服装辅料零售;头饰零售;鞋零售;帽零售;办公设备耗材批发;办公设备批发;办公设备耗材零售;百货零售(食品Except for retail); Crafts wholesale; retail of arts and crafts; retail of household appliances; retail of home audiovisual equipment; wholesale of home accessories; wholesale of preparation and sewing daily necessities; furniture wholesale; furniture retail; baby supplies wholesale; baby products retail; pearl jewelry wholesale; others; other Artificial jewelry and jewelry wholesale; diamond sales; diamond jewelry retail; gem jewelry retail; jade jewelry retail; crystal jewelry retail; pearl jewelry retail; other artificial jewelry, jewelry retail; corporate management consulting service; investment consulting service; joint transport agency service; International freight agency; Internet commodity sales (except for license approval commodities); retail sales of Internet commodities (except for license approval commodities); conferences and exhibition services; marketing planning services; mechanical equipment leasing; tools and manual equipment rental services; food additive wholesale agent wholesale ; Health food wholesale (specific business projects are "Food Business License", prevails); health food retail (specific business projects are "Food Business License"; ;. Within the province, the registered capital of the current enterprise is average.
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