Bath salt purchase tips

There are a lot of MM face care very often about skin care, but always ignore the care of the body skin. We want to understand that the envy of the stars of the body every inch of skin care, of course, do not let go of every inch of skin, body skin care bath salt can not be small oh!

Germany may take a look at bath salts and bulk bath bombs.

First of all, we must check the production date, shelf life, production batch number, deadline use date, production enterprise production license number, health license number and product standard number. Then it is to see if his appearance has impurities and other unclean things doped in it.

The COLOR OF GENERAL BATH SALT IS COLORFUL, BUT MUST NOT BE attracted by its charming appearance, or should see its inner and practical sex to suit not to suit him. Bath salt texture is typically extra round granular, will not be too tough, hurt our skin.

If you are not sure, you can try it on your wrist. If you have symptoms such as allergies and itchy skin, you must choose another one.

5e20be1a255fcf85db6d4621692c60dfWhen selecting bath salts, it is best to carry out according to your own skin quality and constitution. For example, the more sensitive skin should choose the bath salts with finer particles. Neutral, oily skin suits to contain the bath salt of the component such as grape oil, citrus and lemon quite; ​dry skin had better choose the bath salt that contains rose essential oil.

​Numerous bath salts are not one type. If there is more than one addition, observe which one is the main ingredient before choosing the right one for you.

There are numerous kinds of bath salts, which are processed from sea salt, lake salt and well salt, therefore we should pay attention to which is suitable for us when buying. Sea salt is usually a salt extracted from sea water and usually widely consumed. Lake salt particles are large and are mainly used for pasture. Well salt is commonly used in our whitening skin care after processing, so normally we use in the white skin care bath salt well salt processing. The content of this article also refers to well salt processing products.

​Numerous countries are used to washing their faces and feet with bath salts, which can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, thoroughly wipe skin, reduce inflammation and sterilization, quickly heal minor wounds, remove excess oil and cuticle, repair uneven epidermis, converge coarse pores, etc. Today Xiaobian will share so much content with you, hoping to help the fans quickly buy their own bath salts.

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