5 thoughts on “Where is the right place for the shoe washing store?”

  1. The shoe washing store is suitable at the entrance of a large community. It can also be opened in the downtown area, and it can also be opened near the vegetable market. These places are relatively large.

  2. Shoe washing stores can be located near the community, and this consumer group is still very large. Of course, you must also do a good job of various inspections to determine, and refer to the scope of consumer groups. No matter where you are, or by personal operation, if the service is in place, the source of customers will be more and more.

  3. If the funds are OK, it is better to open the shoe washing store in a better commercial street. The second is to drive next to the school, because after the student stays, there are few shoes washing their shoes. Most of them are sent to the store to wash.

  4. Shoe washing stores can be located near the community. The consumer groups here are large. In addition, various inspections must be determined and refer to the consumer group scope. No matter where you are, as long as the service is in place and do well, there will be more and more customers.

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