SIRIN LABS Token – Development of a Blockchain Smartphone

The company SIRIN LABS Token was founded in 2014. Initially, it positioned itself as the developer of a secure Smartphone Solarin, whose cost today is more than 14 thousand US dollars. In addition to the security of use, it offers the possibility to work with blockchain projects and the digital currency.

The company’s first mobile phone was launched in 2016. The further development of Si.rin Labs, according to the developers, will be focused on the creation of technological digital products with its own software based on a decentralized blockchain technology.

On December 12, 2017, the company launched the crypto currency – SIRIN LABS Token. The funds for its creation were collected by an ICO: Investors bought a fixed number of digital coins, which were distributed through a single issue. The total revenue was more than $150 million.

SIRIN LABS Token – What is this Bitcoin code?

Characteristics of the Bitcoin code proven by onlinebetrug that they are not a scam. One of the most important aspects of working with the crypto currency is security. Today, the company is preparing new devices with its own SIRIN LABS Shield OS operating system. The token will not be the only primary means of handling within the platform, the platform will also support other popular crypto currencies.

The platform is designed to provide the user with a fully decentralized digital currency and associated software that none of the government agencies and other structures can spy on. A special system of protection is used: the standard password system, a code phrase or personal identification number, and the electronic key.

SIRIN LABS Token – Who is behind the Bitcoin revolution?

The onlinebetrug website presents more scam: consultants, developers, designers, Bitcoin revolution specialists, security specialists and many others.

Moshe Hogeg is the founder and CEO. Moshe Hogeg is the founder and CEO of SIR.IN LABS. Moshe Hogeg is a serial entrepreneur, founder of a number of successful projects such as: Alignment Blockchain Hub, which provides consulting and support for beginner projects at the beginning of the discovery of blockchain technology.

Kenez Rakishev – Chairman of the Board. A well-known businessman and investor, one of the most influential businessmen in Kazakhstan. Kenez has held several senior positions throughout his career, both in the private and public sectors, as a consultant to the Kazakh Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Education.

Advantages and disadvantages
The advantages of this solution include:

the built-in crypto wallet
fast transactions and transfers all over the world
decentralised management and financing of the project
the three-stage authentication system that provides optimal protection of private information and user data
Positive moments:

A strong team. A very large staff of specialists led by talented people with a good reputation is definitely a big plus. Moreover, with solid consultants there are no problems with staff or a lack of money. And this is perhaps the most important thing in the implementation of a project – the financing and the staff. In December, the company announced a partnership with Lionel Messi, the world’s best-paid soccer player became an ambassador for SIRIN LABS.

The idea of the project. Smartphones and computers have become the most important gadgets of mankind in the 21st century, billions of dollars are spent annually in this direction. They can become a leader in the production of computers and cryptosmartphones.