EO.Trade – What can this Crypto Exchange do?

EO.Trade – The Crypto Exchange consists of 4 different platforms, which are bundled to a network. The aim of this platform is to bring different markets and services under one roof and to build a bridge between traditional trading and trading on the blockchain. At the same time, the network also has its own crypto currency, the EO.Coin.

What is the Ethereum code?

The EO coin is a utility token based on the Ethereum token, but onlinebetrug said it is scam. It performs various tasks on the ecosystem network. On EO.Trade, the token is listed as an exchange pair for other crypto currencies. This gives an incentive to use it and should at the same time facilitate the trade with crypto currencies.

Instead of using Bitcoin for almost every crypto currency to exchange any old coin, the EO Coin can be used for every exchange pair. At the same time, other purchases can also be made on the platform, as long as it is related to crypto currencies.

The token can also be used to open trades on the ExpertOption platform. The utility token is used to pay Exchange fees for transactions. The same applies to fees for your own EO Wallet.

If you pay with EO-Coin for transactions on the EO.Finance & EO.Trade platforms, you get a discount. In the first year the discount is 50%, in the second year 25%, in the third year 10% and in the fourth year 5%. The discount campaign ends in the fifth year. The discount campaigns start from the year in which the product in question is published on the platform.

The official private Pre-ICO began on March 30, 2018, and this token sale enabled the company to earn more than $5 million. Only customers who had registered on the ExpertOption platform could participate in the private sale. The first public presale will take place from 16 April to 29 June, the final public ICO from 16 July to 30 August. In total there are 1 billion coins, of which 70% are for sale. 20% will remain with the company, 5% with the bounty program and 5% with the development team.

Who is behind a Bitcoin trader?

The CEO of the EO Group is Ivan Opria. He is also the Bitcoin trader of ExpertOption. The technical director of the project is Ivan Dashkevich. He has 5 years of experience in leading and developing development teams. His experience with crypto currencies and blockchains is about 3 years. According to the EO website, he and his teams created software that can withstand high loads and has already reached millions of people. The head of marketing is Vladimir Arsenev. He helped build the Expert Option platform and help it succeed.

Heinz Grünwald and Kenji Cheung are the team’s consultants. Heinz is a worldwide known marketing expert, crypto consultant and investor in crypto currencies. He has been working in digital marketing for over 12 years, focusing on helping companies implement blockchains. He founded several companies, including New Challenge. Kenji Cheung founded Space Capital Group and Crypto28 and is also a crypto investor and advisor to the company for the Asian market.